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Dimensioning to core end wrap with stud walls

Dimensioning to core end wrap with stud walls

This is something that I think would be a highly praised addition to Revit. So many people dimension walls from face of stud to face of stud, but Revit limits you with this when it's to the end wrap of a wing wall. Please add this to Revit at some point since this is something I feel shouldn't still have to be dealt with a workaround.


Currently, when dimensioning the length of a wall with a finish enclosure at the end, the dimension length can connect to the finish face of the end of the wall, but not the core face inside. This is on contrast with wall inserts, such as doors and windows, which do allow you to dimension to the core line on the side of the insert.


Currently, the only workaround is to add either a reference plane or other dimensionable element to the same location as the core line.

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Ability to dimension to all core faces via the API...please.


When wrapping wall materials at ends and inserts, I would like to be able to snap, dimension to, pick, etc. the various layers of the wall. We dimension to the wall core, which means we have to cheat or go through hoops to dimension to the end of a wall accurately.


Sounds like you need families which are built to cater to wall wrapping.


Our doors and windows are built using voids rather than wall openings so that we have void geometry cutting at different places to allow wrapping occur inboard of the structural opening. Because we have reference planes for each of these positions, (with the strongest ref planes at struct opening positions) we can dimension to them.

This is a good explanation of what I'm talking about. 


You should be able to dimension to the face of stud at the end of a wall, not the finish. Right now you can only select the finish face to dimension on a wall end.  


End of Wall.jpg


Hi, @jrfrost ,

This one has been suggested several times...I would like to combine them all to boost this post.

What do you think?


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(Also, this one one of my pet peeves when doing architectural dimensioning! 🙂 )




@kimberly.fuhrman  If @jrfrost  want to garnish votes- is the best option! : )


Yes Please

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