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Array Along a Path

Array Along a Path

Allow the option to array objects along an arc or custom determined path. Would be great to select an edge (3D or 2D) and have the ability to array an object (line, family, railing, etc...) perpendicularly along the selected path. Examples of uses are for; sidewalk cracks, parking stripes and other items to be spaced equally along a curve.


Need to add array along path in revit same as cad path array.



But we do have it, in massing add a line, divide that path, use an adaptive component with one point with your desired object loaded on it, and then load that into the project and place it on one of the points of the path and repeat.


This has to be part of the array command, with the ability to place arrayed families on a face. Not within massing.


Lovely idea! We can do such arrays in many Autodesk programs like Autocad, Maya and 3dsMAX. I would like to use such array to generate picket fences, light poles, running paths and bicycle pathways. When you modify the pathway all the light poles, benches, etc to automove to accommodate the new pathway.


I voted for this idea as well. In the meantime we made a dynamo script that allows us to do it (but it's not parametric, so if you want to adjust the array you have to delete the original elements and start from scratch).

Agreed, note that this can be sort of achieved by using railings with a nested 'baluster', see the excellent document on Stairs and Railings by Phil Read which includes an example of using railings for lamp posts, snip below or Google the full document - it was at a couple of AUs and RTC '10.



@MichaelWarwick7522this is brilliant! Phil Read has a wealth of knowledge and I love Enscape. I use railings for most all of my elements; curbs, parking stripes, wall caps, etc... basically anything that has a profile and may need to be hosted by an element that curves in 2D and also has 3D elevation change or multiple elevation changes such as parking lot surfaces. (new in 2018)

I placed my railing profile into the baluster family and it works great. Except now the balusters (parking stripes) don't conform to the elevation change of the surface, the are only associated with the original railing placement plane...

I am looking to array multiple instances of the railing along a curved path and have each individual railing instance hosted by a surface and follow its many faces.



This would be great!  Especially if we have the option to have the object's orientation to stay the same, or to have the orientation it follow the path selected.


I agree that it's ridiculous that it's not possible to do a simple array along a path like the linear or the arc one. All the software in the world has this (basic) feature. Do it as soon as possible.


Following a path would be good. I'd also appreciate some parametric control over their 3D/2D placement. I'm attempting to make festoon lighting and I can't get the arrayed light fixtures to appear attached to the beautiful parametric curve I programed for the hung wire.

@sacUT8MR you should have a look at FormIt, there is a festoon tool and the result can be brought back to Revit.


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