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Creating arrays along a path

Creating arrays along a path

It would solve a lot of problems, it Revit was able to create arrays along a path.

It would be very desirable if the command would behave the same as the sweep command.

Even better: For example, if you are creating a family, you are able to parameterize the path.


This possible, to a certain extent, in Adaptive Point Families and in the Massing editor.  Also, if you are Dynamo savvy, all of this is possible.

@Curty102  Thank you very much for your answer. I am very familiar with dynamo, and already used to place pillars. Unfortunately, in a company with many employees, not all are on the same level of knowledge. We strive for simple work processes, that anyone with the Revit knowledge could solve. What I could do is to save the dynamo Skript at the Dynamo Player.

I'm used to AutoCAD, that's where my wish comes from Smiley Wink


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