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How to reset Autodesk 2020 - 2025 Licensing (Updated)

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How to reset Autodesk 2020 - 2025 Licensing (Updated)

Problem:  You have Autodesk 2020-2025 software installed, but are now unable to simply change the licensing from Single User to Multi-User, Networked Licensed, or Trial version. 


Reason:  Autodesk has changed how the Autodesk 2020-2025 products are licensed and apparently there is no simple way to do this from Help > About to Manage Licenses, or by deleting LGS file information as in previous versions.  Later releases have this functionality but it is inconsistent.  If you cannot perform this action in your 2025 software, then this solution is for you.


Solution:  With the introduction of the Autodesk 2020 software release, changing the licensing now requires commands to be entered via an elevated command prompt.  This is the same for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025.


Detailed instructions for how to find and use the AdskLicensingInstHelper.exe and all of its commands and options can be found at this link, however they are not accurate for 2025 products:

Note:  For the best method, skip down to Method #3

Method #1 (Manually) Essentially, you would need to run a command similar to this for AutoCAD 2025:


AdskLicensingInstHelper change --prod_key 001Q1 --prod_ver 2025.0.0.F --lic_method ""

This method, however, is quite obtuse and requires you to also know the Product Key and the Product Version for your installed product.  You can find this using the LIST argument and plugging your values into the command. 


AdskLicensingInstHelper list


For 2024-2025 products, you also must manually rename the database file listed here:


%LOCALAPPDATA%\Autodesk\Identity Services\idservices.db

Because the normal everyday user is unlikely to be able to follow and comprehend these instructions clearly, I have decided to update my batch file to perform these actions without requiring the knowledge necessary in the Autodesk KB article.   Also since the 2021 release and named user login, the manual method requires additional steps to force the logout and the release of the assigned license before the Autodesk application can reset the licensing dialogue.
Note:  For 2021-25 products, you need to logout of your Autodesk/SSO username within the software to manually reset named user licensing.  



Method #2:  Autodesk Licensing Support Tool.  Autodesk has released a License Support Tool to help assist with resetting licensing.  You can get more information and download the tool here.


Method #3 (Preferred)
Download and run the command script attached at the bottom of this article with elevated privileges.  NOTE:  It is recommended to use this updated 2025 script in place of my previous releases as there have been additional changes to the licensing subsystem.


1.  When you launch the script (you may have to allow it in Windows 10/11 or if you have UAC or Smartscreen enabled) you will see the following screen:


Autodesk License Reset ToolAutodesk License Reset Tool


Note:  You will need to right-click and run as Administrator.  Otherwise, it will warn you that you are not running as administrator and need to close the program.

To determine which products you have installed and need to reset, choose option 1 to list the products installed. 

Choose Option 1 to List ProductsChoose Option 1 to List Products


In this example, the program lists AutoCAD 2024 with Product Key 001P1 and Product Version 2024.0.0.F.  The output of this command is a little convoluted.  It is especially busy when you have multiple products installed.  You will want to look for the value of "def_prod_key" and "def_prod_ver" (highlighted) when you run this option.  To make this easier in this release, the data will also populate and open in a rich-text format document that will open in your default .RTF program, such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad.    


You can now type B to go back to the previous menu. 

   To reset the licensing for your listed product, choose option 2.


Choose Option 2 to reset license to factory defaultChoose Option 2 to reset license to factory default


By default, the values are set for AutoCAD 2025 with the Product Key of 001Q1 and the Product Version of 2025.0.0.F. 

To accept these default values, all you need to do is press <Enter> to continue.  If the values of your product are different, then enter those values instead.  For example, if you have AutoCAD LT 2021 installed, you will use Product Key 057M1.  It will verify your entry and prompt you to confirm that you wish to reset your license back to factory default.   Note:  This license tool is backwards compatible for Autodesk 2020 products.  


I suspect product versions will change as different updates and service packs are released -- as they were with the 2020-2024 releases.


To reset your license choose to answer Y to the prompt:  WARNING THIS WILL RESET YOUR LICENSE? [Y or N] _


Successful Result has no output between brackets []Successful Result has no output between brackets []


If successful, you should receive no output between the brackets [ ].  This is because the Autodesk license helper displays no output for a successful command.  The main difference between this updated version and the older 2020 reset tool is that this version will automatically backup and reset the Named User Autodesk/SSO login of the product for assigned licenses as well.  It will also automatically logout the SSO user for the 2024-2025 release, which is new.  


If you made a typo or the product does not exist on your machine, then an error message will be displayed instead. 


Error when product not foundError when product not found


Also, if you are using the Autodesk Network License Manager for Network Licensed products as an Enterprise, Government, or Educational institutaion, then resetting the licensing will also open the folder location for the LICPATH.LIC file, which contains the location of your license manager.  This will allow you to easily modify the file or remove it altogether if unneeded. 


You can then choose whether or not to reset another licensed product or to quit the program.  When you quit the program, it is set to log an application event to your Windows logs.  This can help you keep track of when the program has been run.  Choosing Y will take you back to the main menu, while choosing Q will exit the program.


Bonus options


There are a few extra options included in this batch script that are helpful with Autodesk licensing.  These are optional settings to help make changes that are also otherwise difficult to do or understand. 


 Set ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE -  This will allow you to change the System Environment Variable (and subsequently the registry value) of the Autodesk Network License Manager server location on the current client.  Acceptable values are often 27000@SERVERNAME or simply @SERVERNAME.  More information on this variable or instructions on how to set this manually can be found here.


Set FLEXLM_TIMEOUT - This will allow you to change the System Environment Variable for the amount of time that Autodesk software waits to check out a network license.  This is helpful when there is network latency or you are using a VPN or WAN to connect to your NLM.  A good start is usually a value of one-million.  (1000000 = 1 second.)  More information on this variable or instructions on how to set this manually can be found here.


Open adskflex*.data file location - This will allow you to open the file location where the adskflex*.data file exist that keeps track of single user stand-alone licensed products.  For more information about manually removing license files, please see this KB Article


Start the Licensing Service - This will conveniently start the Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service if it has been stopped for some reason or another without having to go into services to start it manually.


*NEW* Open Account Management - This will launch your browser and open your Account Management portal on  


*NEW* Enable/Disable Digital Signature Icons -  This will launch the ACSIGNOPT dialog box to disable (by unchecking hte box) Digital Signature checks on Autodesk drawings.  Doing so helps speed up the File > Open explorer windows within the Autodesk programs, especially over the network or VPN.  Note:  It requires a reboot to put into effect.  


*NEW* Help - Choosing H for the Help menu will now also launch the Autodesk site that allows you to download Autodesk's Licensing reset tool.  This tool was not available prior to the 2024 release but many still prefer my tool.

Download and unzip the script attached below.  Run as Administrator.  If Windows Smart Screen complains that the file is dangerous, you will need to click more information and run anyway.  I can assure you that I have not included any malicious code.  No files will be deleted.  All files are backed-up and renamed during this process and can be easily reversed.  


This file is safe.This file is safe.



If you have any issues or want to add features, please feel free to contact me!


Good Luck!

Travis Nave Send TravisNave a Private Message                                             Need help in your post? Mention me with @TravisNave

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in reply to: TravisNave

Please use this script at your own risk.  I have tested it on Windows  11  for AutoCAD 2025.  


If you have any problems or would like to add more features, please contact me.  I will try to keep updated versions in this thread if possible.   The latest version of this script will always be linked in my signature line.  So if you are reading this, you should look there for any updated links.  

Travis Nave Send TravisNave a Private Message                                             Need help in your post? Mention me with @TravisNave

My Expert Contributions to the
Autodesk Forums:
FLEXnet License Admin | MSI Cleanup Utility | .NET Framework Cleanup Tool | IPv6 NLM Fix | adskflex.opt Options File | Combine .LIC Files
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I have a question. I work in the NYS Department of Corrections. We have industrial units where inmates use computers and AutoCAD. So the computers are completely off of the internet for safety concerns. We have a subscription for Autocad. Is this script a way to get the program to work without any internet access? I have a lot of experience with Autocad, installing and other AutoCAD skills. Trying to get this set up has been a process with no easy solutions. It exists outside my normal wheelhouse. Our ITS department doesn't have any experience with this product so its up to me. 

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