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View List sorted by Level HEIGHT

View List sorted by Level HEIGHT

When sorting and grouping a View List, you can choose the "Associated Level", but it's used as an alphabetical order applied to the level's name.  That behaviour it's not the same as in the browser, where the "Associated Level" uses the associated height to sort all plan views.  That's what we expected to happen in the View List.


Agreed they should either change the functionality of "Associated Level" or give access to the views "Level Height above Origin".


@jordicunillperea ,

If I get you correctly, this is already possible.


There is a difference between "Group By:" and "Sort By:" in the Browser Organization Dialog Box

Group By: Groups all views regardless of view type under headings matching the level name.


Sort By: Sorts the views according to the selected grouping system in order of the associated level height as set in the project. Can be ascending or descending. 




@Ofosuhene you are showing the project browser organization which works properly.

OP is talking about making a view list schedule. In the attached you can see the organization in the view list is different from the project browser even though both are using associated level for their sort order.

The View List is just organizing the views alphabetically.




Right. That's correct. 
Didn't see any reference to schedules in the description.
A work around will be to have a prefix to the Level names.  0F Level>1F Level, >etc. 
Even then, levels below grade can get problematic.

But yes, proper sorting by level should be by the level height/order, not the name of the level.
When selecting the level placement for building elements, those levels are listed by the associated level by the height, so I presume this shouldn't be difficult to implement



of course we can change the names of the levels, and we can even sort them by a different parameter... but what we're asking for here is a solution. avoiding problems and limitations like this is already our daily bread.


thanks for trying to help,

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