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Underlay option for CAD links (or make Background behave like a Revit Underlay)

Underlay option for CAD links (or make Background behave like a Revit Underlay)

We still have clients that use CAD. The good then is that WE get to determine the Revit version, but the problem with linking in AutoCAD .dwg files is that we don't have good options:

  • this view only: Background: lines get hidden by Floors, etc.
  • this view only: Foreground: gray CAD lines print on top of our black lines
  • if linking into 3D, you have to hide it in perpendicular views AND it still doesn't show everything right (especially if windows are at different heights)

It would be nice if "Background" behaved like Underlay for Revit links, or if "Foreground" lines would merge when printing (sim to line merge tool).


A WORKAROUND that we're experimenting with is to link the CAD into an intermediate Revit model in 3D (requires splitting elevations), then linking THAT into our project with the Underlay option. Looks much better, but adds more places that we need to edit stuff...


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Also adding to this idea that Revit would handle text in CAD links in the same way as lines. Right now even if we use an extra intermediate Revit model to link our CAD files from so we get the Underlay option, text is still troublesome as it seems to behave differently than all the linework.

E.g. in our ventilation views when using Hidden Line model display style if a text in a DWG file is situated in a certain way under a duct the whole text gets hidden.


This is a really unwieldy workaround for something that should be a basic feature. I need the DWG underlaying all views in the same location, not as a 3D element or restricted to a single view.


Let us add images and DWG in a consistent location in all views and then keep them underneath the model when creating Sheets.

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