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Underlay a current view with an alternative view? (beyond just view depth/direction

Underlay a current view with an alternative view? (beyond just view depth/direction

The functionality of the view underlays are a real missed opportunity. I see there are previous posts about stacking views on a sheet instead of using underlays (yikes!) but I still think there is a serious shortfall of the underlay options.


If I am working on a structural plan, setting the underlay level/direction will show me elements relevant to my other structural plans for other levels, but what if I want to see plumbing stacks, mechanical equipment, or duct work for design coordination? Not only do I need to tweak the underlay view levels & direction, but I also have to manipulate the parent view's visibility settings to show the particular elements I wish to see (which means revising or turning off view templates), and still HOPE the limited level settings will work enough to capture the stuff I want to see & not be obstructed by the stuff above/below (which is vital for the same reasons as the view range option in general). If I am working on one plan, why cant I simply click an already pre-existing view to use as an underlay? A view that has already been setup, & likely has it's own specific view range & view template, without having to create redundant working views &/or constantly modifying visibility parameters.


I would love the option to be working on a roof plan & simply turn on an underlay of my plumbing plan to coordinate plumbing stacks, then switch the underlay to my mechanical plan to coordinate the exhaust venting, then switch the underlay to the floor plan for positioning skylights, and switch the underlay to the reflected ceiling plan to confirm the skylights wont conflict with lights or soffits, and when done just turn off the underlay without having to modify the roof plan's visibility template.


I could think of thousands of examples of how such an option could really streamline design, building coordination and clash detection across the board for all disciplines, and introduce new exponential depth to the graphical control of views.   I could see the underlay tool having a drop down menu to choose "none", a level based underlay (as it exists now), or a view based underlay, with the later then activating a drop down of all currently existing views that can be quickly contrasted against the currently active view without any visibility tweaks or guesswork. 


Or at the very least add an additional visual option to the current underlay tool to use either the parent view's visibility settings or select an alternate (pre-existing) view template to the underlay independent of the parent view settings.

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