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Sub Feed Lugs

Sub Feed Lugs

Thanks for adding the Feed Through Lugs feature to Revit. This has definitely solved some headaches. In a previous article related to this feature, you mention that you haven't made any changes to Sub Feed Lugs, other than making this an instance parameter. And while yes, it is more common to use feed through lugs, there is an application for sub feed lugs to be used as well. As a for instance, I am modeling existing conditions for a floor renovation at a major media company, and their existing panels utilize sub feed lugs with sub feed breakers to serve a transformer. The issue lies in the fact that this sub feed breaker lies outside the normal 42 circuits on the panel (hence the need for sub feed lugs). What I think would be cool, is that by activating the sub feed lug parameter of the panel, you could add an additional 3-pole breaker position outside the normal 42 circuits of the panel. Effectively giving the panel 45 single pole spaces. However, the way the current panel schedule templates are arranged, it does not seem possible to add a non-symmetrical breaker position. I can modify the parameters and their formulas to do everything I want to do, except when it comes to the panel schedule templates. So, in order for the subfeed loads to work, I think the panel schedule template needs to have the functionality to add a separate breaker position, independent of the typical 42. The sub feed lugs will carry load exactly the same way as the feed through lugs, and you could even add a sub feed lug connection type when you connect to a panel, similar to the feed through lugs, or breaker connection type. That, in a nutshell, is my idea. Can you make it work?

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