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Import landxml faces, not just points

Import landxml faces, not just points

When you create a landxml file in C3D you can have the landxml file include the points and also the faces.

When you include the faces to allows the importing program to create an exact duplicate of the exported surface. Steep slopes like at retaining walls, cliffs, will import as exported.

But Revit only reads the points and recreates it's own toposurface regardless of the faces that are in the landxml file. So any work on breaklines and cleaning up areas that is done in C3d is tossed when imported into Revit.


So my request is to update Revit to recognize the faces as well as the points.


Since the creation of a toposurface in Revit is so inaccurate anyway, and C3D so much better at it, it would be helpful to be able to import this accurately from C3D. C3D also has many tools for working on toposurfaces that Revit doen't have.

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