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Revision toggle for projects

Revision toggle for projects

Hey Autodesk,


Working on building design often means going back and forth with a client on their desires and wishes, but every time we make changes on Revit models we currently have 1 of 2 solutions: 

1 - just make the changes to the main model and hope that the client doesn't want to revert back to a previous design later on 


2 - creating a new save as file each time to ensure that previous versions have been preserved


The second option isn't an issue for a user HOWEVER it does mean that every time you save you are adding another 200-300MB (or significantly more depending on the project!) to the project file, which causes massive sync delays for shared networks, and when you don't have a giant server, which most small business and design firms don't, the cloud storage fills up very, very quickly and becomes a waste. 


While in my office we already delete autosave filed in folders when were done with the day to alleviate storage pressure it seems nuts to me that there isn't a way for the Revit file to 'remember' previous versions from previously issued sets. 


Surly there is a way for Autodesk to have a 'back save' option included in their sheet issues/revisions function when you tick to issue a new set of drawings? So in the common event that you are requested to go back to a previous version on documents, you can click on when that version of a design was issued and it would revert the file back to the previous iteration? Then you can save as at that point, which would result in limiting the amount of files in a project folder to only those which are needed? Even if it means somehow that the primary Revit file is a little larger, it would still have the potential to save massive amounts of floating data. 


Surly, SURLY this is a think that could be done...!!?!? 



@cara2NELE , Have you explored the Design Options feature within Revit?


As @kimberly.fuhrman said, you should look into design options. They allow you to model different options/layouts in the same physical space and then switch between which one is being showed in views.


I will say though that design options are best used in the design phase of the project and should be finalized and all options should be removed when you move into the contract documents/detailing stage as there are issues with elements in the option not joining/looking right when connecting to elements in the main model.


Once you settle on a design you should save a superseded copy of the model somewhere on your server so you can go back to it.


You should also be informing the client that if they are wanting to make significant changes at the late stages of a project there will be a cost associated with it as it can take a lot of time an effort to implement.

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