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Model display style and material overrides applied via filter

Model display style and material overrides applied via filter

Republishining an archived amazing sugestion by jkidder.

There is no way to do this as yet, and it would be a very useful feacture.~~


"Model display style and material overrides applied via filter

It would be helpful for presentations for there to be a way to easily apply different model display styles and material overrides to different filter sets.  For example:

  • A 3d view where you want to draw attention to a brick wall by having it look realistic while the rest of the view is in hidden line mode
  • A renovation project where you want your new work to be realistic and the rest of the building hidden line mode
  • A pool that has a gradient, colored water while the rest of a plan is black and white.  
  • Being able to assign a different material to exposed structural steel coming from a linked model


Having the option to manipulate the model display style via filter and apply a material via filter would provide a range of creating graphic options.  Currently there isn't an easy way to get the views described, and some are impossible due to angles and overlaps.  The stacking of multiple views, complicated work arounds with phase filters (which usually have to be temporary) or exporting the view into another program are our only options.  If a view has to be exported to Photoshop or similar we loose the ability to quickly iterate through concepts in a desired view style."

Original tread link:


Now let me add my need to the pool:

- Create a filter to diferenciate existing trees from topography survey from existing contextual vegetation, in 3D shading (and proposed ones too while we are at it).




I've needed this quite a few times.


Also bumping, being able to specify which categories show textured/rendered would be much appreciated 

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I had this issue as well and found a workaround. Here's my story...


I wanted my building elevations to use realistic materials, but the glazing looks a little odd because of the transparency/reflectance. I wnat to retain those properties for 3d/render views but wanted a more uniform appearance in elevation views.


So... I edited the window family to have two different extrusions for the glazing, one with a transparent glass material, and one with a material that has just a flat colour. I used the visibility settings for detail level to make the transparent extrusion only visible in 'fine' detail level, and the flat extrusion visible in crude/medium detail level. My 2d elevation views are set to medium detail level, whilst 3d views are set to fine. Seems to work a treat

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