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Make API Methods for Split, Split With Gap

Make API Methods for Split, Split With Gap

Currently Split/Split With Gap are only enumeration members (they cannot be used in a script).  I would like to be able to have a command that is something like Element.Split(plane)  where you could specify a plane (or point) at which to split the specified element. 


Example use case would be splitting columns - if I wanted to split columns using the API, i actually have to create many copies of the column, then adjust the top/bottom of each column to achieve what could be accomplished with Split.


this should also allow splitting walls with the same functionality as in the API (


Creating many copies of column and adjusting top and bottom levels is the way I'm using but it works on vertical columns only.

I encountered problem when the column is slanted. Is there a way to use the Split feature?


Raised a development issue for this:  CF-4916 [API wish: split wall like 'Split with gap' -- 14929026].


Also discussed in


Spilt Walls cannot be automated because there is no Split Element in API. I strongly request to implement Split Element in Revit API.

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Hi, @hiroe.katano ,


Here is a similar Idea...feel free to add your votes there, too. If you like, I can combine your post with this one.

Make API Methods for Split, Split With Gap - Autodesk Community


Thank you for your submission!



Further discussion on this topic in this thread:



6 years in and this is still very much needed. Splitting walls manually in a robust way is still very challenging. We shouldn't have to manually relocate each hosted family instance, copy parameters, etc.


The logic is clearly already there since the UI command to split walls works well. Why can't this just be exposed to the API?


Even after 7 years this is not yet fixed, you still cannot use the Split Method on walls.
We still have to create new walls instead of simply adding Spilt to them.

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