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Link Multiple files at one time with same shared coordinates

Link Multiple files at one time with same shared coordinates

Dear Autodesk,


Please allow us to add multiple links at one time, this is when links share the same shared coordinates system or insertion point.


We work on large scale projects with sometime 35-70 links, the files are nested with shared coordinates, When creating master plans or nesting the consultants files it would be fantastic if I could link in one go rather than having to link one at a time.


Even if the links needed to be moved to the correct internal location, linking multiple would save us time.


Thanks, and I hope others would love this function too!

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I could work on a plugin to do this work for you & add it Autodesk app store
if this idea really Brings some attention here, we will add it to our plugins queue

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Hello Again,
I've Released a plugin that does the requested feature

And I've made a free trial version available for 30 days
You can find it on the following link:


For original poster Laura:

If this is what you need then I'll gift you a free full copy with no expiration date as the original idea poster

Check it and let me know your feedback and if it satisfies your needs on

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 Hi MagedAhmad, I couldn't find a download button on the site you provided, only subscription options. I would really like to try this as it looks like it will do the function we are looking for.



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Hello Laurasmagin,
Send an email to, Include the link to this page,
And mentioned your preferred Autodesk account email to be activated for this plugin,
We will send you a Free 6 month Subscription.

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Inset - Manage Links - Add... Open multiple *.rvt


Hello laurasmagin

     you can use eneca link manager it's a free add-in for Revit to add multiple links and you can use this to repath the location of the link also.


           Links Manager | Revit | Autodesk App Store


Yes I also want this.  Would be so nice if we could tell it to load multiple links in the Manage Links screen.  I have to load 40 links into this file.  Would also be nice if you could take it step further and add multiple files with ALL or CERTAIN Worksets turned off.


Hi All, we need an embedded tool in Revit to let us able to batch linking all needed models at once , linking all by different options (origin to origin or by shared coordinates).

The tool can link models when placed in folders or subfolders.

this tool to be used with cloud collaborated models as well.

This tool will save a lot of time to link models individually.

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Batch link CAD files is important for improving workflow efficiency and project management in architectural and engineering practices. Many projects involve linking multiple CAD files (such as architectural plans, MEP layouts, and structural drawings) into Revit for coordination and reference.

Batch linking would streamline the initial setup phase by allowing users to link multiple CAD files in one operation, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks. This capability facilitates better collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest information for smoother coordination

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