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Generic Annotation Hatch

Generic Annotation Hatch

Ability to have double patterns as per this implemented wish. 

Double patterns 

Not sure if this is available in later versions for generic annotation as project requirement has requested this to be in Revit 2018. 

Or have draw order functionality like PowerPoint and AutoCAD

whereby you can (1) bring to front (2) send to back (3) send above other (4) send below other


@wr.marshall  I'm a little confused by your question. Are you looking to have double patterns in earlier versions of Revit?  Or additional functionality with the patterns?


@kimberly.fuhrman Additional functionality. An object such as a wall can have double hatch applied to ie front hatch brick pattern and back hatch a solid color.

Generic annotations is a 2D Family whereby you draw a shape and fill it with a solid color or pattern. It only use 1x fill though, so you are required to fill same area 2x if want double fill/hatch

The issue If you fill the pattern with 2x fills, depending which fill you do first determines which fill is in front and which is at back. 

If I was trying to recreate the wall hatch as an example for a legend to say every time you see this hatch pattern its a wall with this type of brick blah blah blah sometimes the solid hatch is coming infront of the brick pattern

This is where the wish/idea comes in

op 1: double fill patterns like materials in the generic annotations

op 2: bring to front, send above, send to back, send below... like  ms powerpoint

(new) op 3: the ability to use a material which I think might be best as if you change material properties it would automatically adjust. 

Hopefully this answers your query.


@wr.marshall  Thank you for the additional clarification!


One thought on this if Autodesk choose to go option 3 as above, that it would be linked to filer overrides

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