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Double patterns

Double patterns

A color as Solid Fill  and 2nd a pattern.


Concrete: Grey and the concrete pattern, 

Yes I have spent too much time on this issue. It would seem thatbthete would be a simple fix

Even better would be it Revit would allow to use any pattern as an "underlay" (and not just solids). For example: when we use concrete tiles we want to see the concrete hatch (drafting pattern) but also the tile grid (model pattern). Other examples are raised floors, gypsum ceiling tiles, ...


Perhaps every pattern could have Top part and an Underlay part. The top could be either drafting or model pattern. The underlay could always behave as a drafting pattern (Can't really think of a scenario where you want to combine to model patterns).


Hope this makes sense.

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Thanks for your submission and votes on this idea!  We are evaluating where this request falls into our roadmap and will provide an update when we have made a decision.


The Factory


Recenttly, I've faced this problem. See my trhead:


Combine Filled & Diagonal Pattern


I'll really appreciate if Autodesk solve this boring problem on next realese.


Ari Monteiro

Dharma Sistemas


It is handy but i do not understand why this is top voted.

The user interface qua parameters in revit is much more important because hatch is 2d and less relevant in the future.

Parameters in color so that can be seen is much more important in my point of view.





Hi ramon697348385,


I totally agree. By the way, I think that Revit should have a type parameter to control the color of 2D objects, such as there is for 3D objects (eg Finishing Material).


The lack of this type parameter forced me to use a workaround that involving 2D objects such as hatches.


A ideal world would be not use 2D in BIM technology, but to eliminate this use I think that several process shall be changed.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory


Great, looking forward to this one!


Really hope the factory will implement this in such a way that you can assign any drafting pattern (not just a solid fill) as an underlay to both drafting and model patterns.


Examples that come to mind: concrete tiles, gypsum ceiling tiles, glass lines + dot patttern, ...




Good. this is long overdue. All it requires is a pattern color, and ability to select a background color. Should apply to Text and other kinds of fill as well.

Just to tack on to the end of this; one other minor improvement I'd like to see is to move the SOLID pattern to to top of the list. SOLID is probably used for well over half of all Patterns and it's annoying to scroll down to it every time. Perhaps rename or add another name just like the Line Styles use:
This can be facilitated/integrated with a color swatch library. See this post:

I am hoping this double pattern feature will allow us to choose Model and/or Drafting patterns for each selection. For example, in a wall section it would be nice to have the (now) normal CMU drafting pattern and then overlay a Model pattern to impose coursing on the wall (and as a model pattern it could be repositioned if needed).


The draw back is this might not match the position of the model pattern used on the surface/projection. Maybe there could be a "match" check box (somewhat like the match shade color with render appearance in the materials dialog)?


In Europe we often need to create drawings where elements like walls don't only have a hatch, but also a solid color (e.g. meaning the wall is display grey solid + a transparent hatch when cut): 



(This is a customer wish logged by an Autodesk Employee)

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Also gradient patterns would be great for presentations and landscaping.


Is there not a way to create your own patterns, you could also put both hatches on top of each other and make transparent. 

Would support for SVG fill pattern filetype work for this?


It would be verry nice if you could add a background colour to a hatch or combine 2 types of hatchpaterns.


For example: I prefer to hatch concrete with the current concrete hatchpatern and it should also be grey.

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This idea exists already, and has been accepted.

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It's also been flagged as "Accepted" in the Revit Roadmap

(double patterns)


It's quite common that we need to color materials AND have hatch patterns at the same time in shaded views.
As an example to show tiles that are different for visually impaired people.

Would be neat if you added this option to materials.  

Closest you can get right now is grey lines which isn't good enough.

Grey areas.PNG

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