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Export/import e2k File

Export/import e2k File

Would be really good if we have an option to export and import/update .e2k file as most of the Engineers preferred to use CSI applications to design Concrete Structures.


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Though I've never used this file format I voted for this as file interoperability is important for BIM as not everyone uses same software package and some use non BIM software such as mechanical designers who use mechanical CAD packages


@a.sundaram see related wishes for file interoperability for Revit with file format X

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.exr would be the best option though


@kent.pretorius @arun.sFBPYL @f_allard 


There is not Addins or plugin for exporting?


Does these software not use IFC?

Yes it dose but none of them (IFC 2x3 Coordination View, IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0 and IFC Reference View [Structural]) giving the desired results.

Hi @a.sundaram 


Nasser's Revit Tools was recently taken down from the Autodesk app store.
It was called "Export Revit to ETABS", it will export e2k file format and was only supports up to Revit 2021.


I also think e2k should be an option for exporting files, I was thinking of getting Diroots to create one and make it available as part of their free toolset, but this would need to be sponsored for them to develop.


If you want to use Nasser's Revit Tools for e2k export, this is the link, as I still have it on my system.

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