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Proper DGN Import Export

Proper DGN Import Export

I need to export into DGN-V8 files. These have been around for more than a decade. Also I find it regretable that you have to edit an ini-file to get 3D-Objects to export at all. As many of out sub contractor work on Microstation-based software we also need proper Import of V8-DGN-files. Just getting an Info window that some parts could not be imported, I would appreciate a list of unrecognised or unimportable entities found in the file. If DGN files can contain things that Revit cannot deal with, Revit should do something about that.


Another think is that exporting to DGN don't let you export with shared coordinates (as dwg does); for now the walkarround is to export to dwg, then to dgn...




But if you're exporting from sheets, even with views as external references, the dwg drawings don't get the coordinates so I have to export sheets, and them view only and manually replace the views in the dwg with sheet..

There's a free Bentley Addin to export Revit to iDGN.

However, if you have nested families in revit, you are as screwed as when exporting to DWG, IFC, NWD etc.

E.g. you have a table consisting of the top as shared family and the feet as shared families, then exporting to one of the above will not give you the table but only the table top and the feet as Microstationi cells/ DWG blocks or IFC entities.


It seems like the iDGN export would use the DWG export and convert the result to DGN.


The really nice thing about it is, that all the parameters are available in the iDGN file.

The down side is that it only exports 3D views one by one, so for a 50 storey building you have to export the 50 views, or one big view (which often will crash)

For DGN import:

  1. Convert the DGN to DWG.
  2. Import the DWG into a Revit Family
  3. place the family on the correct level with the correct rotation

If you have changes in the DGN, just recreate the Family (Step 1 and 2) and load it into the file.


That way you have a real Revit file with no imported DWG-crap in the RVT file.


@AutoDesk: please develope something that automates this process and please develope a DGN import / export utility that deserves the name.


BIM means exchanging the data from all participants in a project. And the project can't be just one Revit file (unless you only want to design single family homes)


Hi everybody


   i export three revit files to DGN format, But the two files location is coming properly but third file is not sit the proper location i tried to many more ways like remove once link file and again re link files, copy to paste another file but its not help to me. But the revit file coordinates everything is OK but export only making problem so anybody knows this issues let me know, please share your thoughts.


I Attach below image for the i Model publishing options like this way i export file.





Reading an old post in some other discussion board, I noticed that the (old) DGN-V7-format files Revit generates on exporting had a specialty concerning the origin contained within them: You can have all sorts of UCS or WCS inside a dgn file and still get wrong import or export results because you can also set up something called the global origin in Microstation. The author mentioned that circumstance had something to do with old versions of the application not being able to handle large coordinates. While this is no longer the case the compatibility to old files was kept even in V8-files. I think venkatgopi91autodesk  should look into the seed files that are used as template by revit to produce the dgn data. Hopefully one contains an alternate global origin. One might need to have access to an installed version of microstation to look into the files, but perhaps a test version will do. If you do not have one ready, you could at least check whether all exports use the same seed file.


Revit able to import i-dgn(Bentley Microstation). As a Bonus though Bently already offers a plugin for Revit to do this, is an export Revit to i-dgn file format.


for ref links:

Import Bentley i.dgn files in Revit - (solution not worked for me)


Just to clarify. The Bently plugin for Revit can only export a Revit file to I-dgn. It cannot import at the time of writing this idea. 


Revit 2023 - Exporting 3D views to DGN is not directly supported. After you export a 3D view of the model to an DGN file, the resulting file does not have any geometry. The V8 DGN exporter used by Revit does not support 3D views. Please see the below link, Autodesk is aware of this issue. We would like this to be fixed in the coming updates or hotfixes.

Troubleshooting: Exporting to 3D DGN | Revit 2023 | Autodesk Knowledge Network


See following idea: Proper DGN Import Export - Autodesk Community


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