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Create Free Floating Dimensions

Create Free Floating Dimensions

I understand that Revit's goal for dimensioning is to be able to update a need be.  Which sheds even more light on the fact that dimensions need an object to even exist, but when options are introduced into a residential architecture firm, this can be counter productive. Example, If one dimension  could represent two situations, why would you spend more time dimensioning the option when you've already established dimensioning in the first place. 


I know this can be confusing, but simply put, why dimension the same thing twice when only materials change (Brick to Stone) and frame doesn't change. Filters could probably help in this situation, if not utilized in a manner that would tie up Filters resource.  


I would like to recommend Revit to create a free Floating dimension.

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I appreciate this doesn't absolutely solve your issue - have you tried copying the dims you want in both views to your clipboard. Then paste 'Aligned to Current View' ? I don't always find this works but it can be very helpful!

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