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Composite Ramp

Composite Ramp

I should be able to add layers to a ramp. Never is a ramp one layer of material unless its a monolithic concrete ramp. I should be able to add layer materials to ramp composites. 

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please give an abillity to make layers and different slop to Ramp
in every project we need make many layers and  different slop in one ramp , for example at first the slope must be 10 percent and then 15 percent but in ramps we couldn't make this rules.
for do true rules and true layers we have to make ramps by floor and it's too bad.
please give this abillity to Ramp tool.

this ramp make by floorthis ramp make by floor


Yeah, basically ramps should be like stairs. If stairs have architectural finishing, so ramps should have too. Many buildings have accessibility ramps right next to the entrance stairs. All they all must have the same architectural finishing.


Or rather ramps should be like inclined floors. 

I see no use of the ramp in the current implementation. I always create an inclined slab to able to separate structural and architectural models. I'm not doing much of landscaping, and ever there a ramp must have layers.


It will be awsome to be able to create layers for ramps and a proper way to join them with floors


Hi, @JavadHamidi 


I found quite a few similar Ideas. What do you think about combining them?

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