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Better Functionality for Legends!!

Better Functionality for Legends!!

1.  Ability to Tag Legend Components

2.  Ability to rotate Legend Components

3.  Option for "Floor Plan View" for Floors, Ceilings, etc.

4. Ability to Override Graphics, apply Filters, etc to Legend Components


Work arounds for these issues are too many, and leave too much room for error.  A legend should be representative of the items in your model.  It should have as much functionality as your floor plans do because it is meant to be a visual guide of the items in said floor plan.  MUST HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY!


Yes, one of the improvements that everyone needs.


Yes, not being able to tag legend components is one of the biggest complaints I get from those in our office on a regular basis!


This must be on the Revit roadmap, yes, I know you can use Dynamo to provide workaround. But this function is overdue for improvement.


Please Autodesk make some good development for legends - the Revit society needs this.


  1. Taggable Legends
  2. Changing host type for window door etc. components - We need to show different wins and doors in different host please allow to change thickness of walls and also the type of the wall
  3. Changing Detail Level - showing layer off the host (wall) it would be nice
  4. Dimensioning legends  - *We can crudely dimension limited elements in Legends, but we need full functionality. We need to be able to dimension wall thickness overall AND individual wall layers for instance.
  5. Remove View Direction Restrictions - *Why do some elements have restrictions on which View Direction is allowed. Ceilings are a classic example, which can’t be shown on plan, only in section. We need to show different ceiling tile sizes etc on plan!
  6. View Filters - *Why don’t Visibility/Graphic Override Filters work on Legends?!! When using legends as a key to a drawing that uses Filters, we have to manually make filled regions in matching colours!! Such a waste of time and effort.
  7. Flip/Rotate Legend Components - *We want to be able to show doors left or right handed, or rotated etc. Remove the restriction.

The section only legend components for floors and roofs are pretty useless, especially when trying to distinguish floors and roofs that only differ by a pattern on their top layer!  Since we can't have material legends as a view type (It's your workflow, not Revit that's the problem 🙄) the least we could do get a top down view on floor and roof types so we can make our own.


Thank you.


I posted this previously... along with a few other suggestions to improve legends. 

Would appreciate a vote back to keep this issue alive.


By the way, as a workaround I created a generic 'material' family which is just a 50mm thick square, it can then have any material assigned to it and be dropped in to legends to take any material you want to show. I also made it adjustable in size so that it can cater to different legend scales



I did the exact same thing, creating a generic material family.  Unfortunately I could find no way to make the size of the component an instance parameter that works in a legend.  Type sizes only but at least now I have a way to create material legends.  I searched but didn't find your post but I've upvoted it.  Thanks


Good points, legends should improved. It could be even better, that they really reflecting to model itself. I mean you could create eg. door legends automatically like some 3rd Party addins do. Now working with legends is more like working with pen and paper instead of BIM tools.


Changing detail level after a family is already draged on to a Legend will not affect the existing family on the Legend.


Legend need to have the same capabilities as the model, otherwise, what is the point.  If I manipulate the graphics of an element in the model, I need to be able to do that same manipulation in the legend.  


  • Allow us to rotate element in legend
  • Allow us to graphic override element in legend
  • Allow us to include annotations in legends 
  • Allow us to include the "face view" of a ceiling / wall / roof assemblies in a legend for material designation.  This is something that is scheduled in ALL projects and is a must.  Its pretty pathetic that after this long, we still have to resort to the workaround of modeling these elements in an unused phase that must be filtered out of all other views.
  • It would be great if there was a faster way of pulling objects off a plan and adding them to a legend than searching for each one individually in an ever expanding list of families.


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I find the lack of all of these things simply staggering. Revit is just one "workaround" after another. For a package at this price point, it is literally unbearable, and that fact they won't resolve these things until enough people "Vote" goes to show that they feel they have the market cornered without having to put any effort into the fundamentals. 


Each annual release is just sharpening the edge of a blade that's too crooked to use.  


Adding Assemblies to Legend Views would also be a good addition. For example, you can't add CW Doors to a Door Legend, so you have to make Assemblies of them. Adding them to an already created Door Legend would be great. 

Make it posible to add system families from the MEP. Pipes systems, Duct systems ect. And this shoud work in single lines as well.


This is probably easier to implement than my idea because it has a headstart.

I'd also like the option to put a number on your legend on the sheet, if it is being used as a detail. (My original idea is here)


MEP system types in Legends (currently using a Design Option and a plan View) 

MEP Tagging 

Editable Parameter Values in Legends (for smart & dynamic parametric families )


Legends need some focus in Revit development.

  1. Ability to dimension walls and thickness of various layer. within that wall.
  2. Ability to dimension to a reference planes embeded in a family rather than an actual line. A critical dimension might be in a "blank area". If there is a change to this dimension then dimensions will update accordingly. currently you have to use a reference plane, and this is not updated if there is a change in the family.
  3. The ability to rotate elements in a legend. As an example Windows have the ability to show the front back and plan. The plan is shown from the back and looks odd if you are only showing a front and plan if the window is non symmetrical
  4. The ability to use this area as an isolated area where you might want plans, elevations and section of special components for reference purposes. I.e the overall dimensions of a machine.
  5. 3D isometric views ( )
  6. Ability to have multiple components in an isolated environment like a window in a wall, so you could focus on the interaction between these multiple to components.

For Refrence see these ideas to 


7. Ability to have control view depth and cut planes sections and 3D Sections in an isolated environment

refrence: Family View: Create isolated 3D and Detail views of a Family Within a Project - Autodesk Community


Revit 2022 is out and we still cannot tag elements in a legend...


In 20 years of using Revit in North America I needed a slanted wall 2 times.

In those 20 years I needed to make BIM compliant legends, graphics schedules, or material legends, EVERY SINGLE day.


I am puzzled what type of users vote here...







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