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Key plan legend type

Key plan legend type

It would be great to have a 'key plan" feature/view type in Revit. I envision it working something like this:


1. You create a "key plan" view which would be a legend (so that it could go on multiple sheets)

2. You choose which walls you want to use in the key plan and you could assign lines to match them by picking those lines.

3. You could create hatched areas with on/off toggles to show specific areas and parametric section/elevation markers.




We use key plans for marketing purposes. The individual apartment is placed on a sheet together with a key plan to show the location of the apartment in the main floor plan.
Revit allows us to highlight the apartment using colour schemes, a duplicate plan is created for each sheet.
Each key plan must be identical except for the colour scheme. We use coarse view & filled regions to fill gaps between walls, risers and windows.

We currently dupicate the view, create a view template & copy the filled regions to each view. Alas, if a window is amended or walls moved we need to adjust the filled region in many views. This can be tedious & things get missed. Creating a group for the region is one way around this.

However, we would prefer to use dependent views, alter the main plan once & apply a different colour scheme to each dependent view. But colour schemes are dependent on the main plan.

It would be great if, like view templates, we could select what is and what isnt dependent on the main plan. Perhaps a 'key plan' feature could be developed?
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I agree, another thing could be show and tags Scope Box in te Key plan.


From what I can tell key plans in Revit are not currently very smart. I always end up creating an annotation family with an outline of the building and hatch regions tied to visibility parameters. Then I adjust that on a per sheet basis, some projects I work on can be 50+ sheets so this can be a time suck, plus the problem of base plan/view areas changing. Since I use scope boxes on all of my views I feel like there should be a better way to do this. What I'm imagining is some view/family that would use my main scope box/zoom extends for the overall view and then automatically hatch in where my scope box is in the key plan.

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I agree.


I think it could be a system family, a kind of leyend that behave similar to color fill leyend but that you can insert on sheets, no in views (if you place in a view it disappear when you check Annotation Crop, and Annotation Crop is needed views that uses multiple dependant views divided with matchlines).


The leyend should recreate the building silhouette from Area Plan at specified Level, with specified scale; and, as you say, use defined Scope Box to subdivide the key plan, hatching a checked Scope Box region on the building silhouette. At the same time we will need non-rectangular Scope Box.


Scope Box are non-taggable entity as far as I now. But to tag the Scope Box, with a new Mark parameter or just the Scope Box name, to indicate de Zone name in the key plan would help a lot to automation; if not, we can still use non-intelligent text or some similar to View Refeference. (But that's to much for one idea)




Making the Dinamic Key Plan a view type is not optimal, from my point of view, because it will interfere with the general scale of the sheet, that's one of the reasons why we still use custom load-able family. Another reason if that views needs to be duplicated before place it on multiple sheets (leyend view don't behave this way, but don't show the plan view of the model either).


Even more basic: If you want to create a Key Plan for your Titleblock (which everyone does for large projects) you have to go through CAD to get linework that is usable in a generic annotation family! That doesn't make any sense. It is expected that we have the ability to trace the outline of the project within Revit to be used for families in Revit. Please address this issue.


Great Idea.

I have also an idea that is just like yours with some integration with other tools:

Smiley Happy


Wow is 2022 and have never had to make a key plan but assumed it would be as easy as duplicate a view, set the scale, and turn off all the elements you do not want to see so maybe the slab or something.  Well just had to make one and was told I had to explore the Revit file to cad, then make a polyline around it then save then and import it back into Revit.  I was thinkin "Bull SH** this that is not the way to do it" when I heard that.  **** was I wrong.


Seriously Autodesk make this a basic feature.  Duplicate a view,  Set the scale, set the display setting to building envelope, etc.  Then we can add match lines to show where the views are split.... or something like that.


@Ric_Weber ,


Thank you for suggesting these combinations...I think they are all different enough in their strategies to keep separate for now. Let me know if you feel differently!



Voted for the fundamental concept.


This legend would have to not break scales, would suck if every sheet became "as indicated". I'm not sure how the on/off toggles would work, I think the developers would probably need very clear instruction to not make something that was useful. The toggles would have to be a parameter of the view instance on sheet which means the same view would draw differently across sheets. If there was to be a half step then I would not have a problem with duplicating the key legend and adjusting the hatches manually. View filters that could be used to do things like hide walls by type or rooms by department would be really useful.


Create a view type called "Key Plan" that functions similarly to the Key Note Schedule.  It should be placeable on multiple sheets and should automatically black out plan view areas as they are placed on the sheet.  The Key Plan should be a scaled view with no other function than to act as a key plan.   


There is no reason why Revit should not be able to produce a key plan automatically.  The current workflow of manually sketching a building outline and then manually shading out areas on a sheet by sheet basis is a labor wasting bad joke. 

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Make a small figure that can be used on mutiple sheets as a localization figure. Earlier we have used to make floor plan for this purpose, but it is time comsuming and tideous work.


A simple figure of the building and a indication where the you are now would be nice. 


Should also ovverride automatic sheet scale detection.


Maybe we could just set the extents and view template of the key plan view (just one, not a duplicate for each sheet), recall it in the title block family (always on the same relative position in the sheet) and have Revit automatically plot on it the effective extents (single or envelopped) covered by the other views on the same sheet. Please allow an override feature for each of the views, for control over wich of the views generate the automatic plot extents.

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