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Better Functionality for Legends!!

Better Functionality for Legends!!

1.  Ability to Tag Legend Components

2.  Ability to rotate Legend Components

3.  Option for "Floor Plan View" for Floors, Ceilings, etc.

4. Ability to Override Graphics, apply Filters, etc to Legend Components


Work arounds for these issues are too many, and leave too much room for error.  A legend should be representative of the items in your model.  It should have as much functionality as your floor plans do because it is meant to be a visual guide of the items in said floor plan.  MUST HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY!


Legends and not very useful in Europe, because, if you want for example to take out wall types, you cannot annotate it with dimension lines and wall layer materials and it's thicknesses.

You cannot tag anything in the Legend.

You cannot choose wall type for Doors, Windows, etc., tag Doors and Windows, give them instance parameters etc.


Will this ever be improved? (In the last five Revit versions, I didn't notice any changes in this area).

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Creation of Legends are extremely cumbersome when making production drawings of Doors and Windows for example. It would be great to have similar control over the Legend Components in Revit as you do when placing parts/assemblies on drawing sheets in Autodesk Inventor (both 2D & 3D). For example I need to be able to rotate and/or flip a floor plan view of a Door Legend Component and to be able to add dimensions to wall openings in elevation views and to the middle of Window mullions (family reference planes) etc. Also I need to be able to tag/annotate Legend Components with real Revit tags and lastly to be able to choose and add type and instance parameter values of an object in a table next to the Legend Component itself in the Legend view.

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I would like to see legend view types as well so that I can organize them in the project browser.  I don't understand why I can't tag elements in Legends when the point of the legend (most of the time) is to show the different types of Doors, walls etc..  I need to be able to show the Type Mark tag or Mark tag etc...!!

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It seems like something you could mention to a Revit programmer and say allow for elements in a schedule to have a text display their type properties. its a simple as that.  Info exists within the data packet for that component... it should be as simple as using the tag command and tagging them in the legend just as you would any plan elevation or section view.  It wont allow for an instance mark.  But how is that a complicated for someone with a cs degree that is already familiar with the language after working for years with Autodesk?

That's my gripe.  Companies shell out thousands of dollars and this is one task that if Autodesk spent a minimal amount of time fixing it would save consumers hundreds of man hours over the course of the software's lifetime. Having to re coordinate and alter the information manually is a coordination task that draftsman and architects should not have to input constantly. would we get a better response from Autodesk if we started griping out our re-sellers? 

I get the issue if its not already part of the language.  But its not a new function and it exists within the family type information. Please do something about this, Its not about draftsman being lazy its about something making the life of the consumer easier.


Legends are very limited for doors and windows sheets. Have you tried assemblies?


Creating assembly views (plans, sections, elevations, 3d views) is very easy and you can dimension and tag them.


I have upvoted this and added a two additional 'ideas' which I believe are related to this one:


Filter overwrites for legends:


Prevent sheets to pick up the scale of legend views:


Perhaps the factory could accommodate for all the legend requests by


  1. allowing for assemblies to exist/created even if there are no instances of them in the model (like groups can)
  2. allowing for assembly views to be placed on multiple sheets

That would enable component sizing, all types of views for all elements (rcp, 3d, sections, ...), tagging, dimensioning, etc...


In the future, all additional new Revit features added to assemblies would benefit the legends and vice versa.



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Extra functionality in Legend components would be brilliant.




- being able to flip legend components (mostly in plan!)

- Greater alignment functionality and automatic dimensioning

- tagging of data from legend components, the functionality alone here could allow us all to create tag templates to automatically list out the critical data annotations driven from the model

- perhaps some grahpical controls for element hosts, such as walls which are drawn around doors places (though this is a very minor need, just a nice to have!)

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Excel datalinks please and thank you.

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I would like to be able to choose a section view for legends as well.  This would be useful for Joinery (casework) details.  Assemblies work well for this, except that when a piece of casework gets moved - it also moves in the assembly view where as a legend doesn't.


I definitely would love to be able to Tag Legend components, and rotate, and flip, and all the other suggestions for legend view enhancements that are in the comments of this IDEA.


I need to be able to call out details in the legend view.  For example, fame types.  I need to have detail bubbles referencing head, jamb, and sill details.  I realize the problems that may exist for hosting a detail in a legend view but I would certainly think we could reference existing details.






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TGrissom Yes! Being able to call out details in these views (even if said details are just referencing existing views) would be amazing.


@TimGrissom I assume you're showing section/detail cuts? Since you don't have an arrow on your bubble, at least you have a relatively easy workaround of drawing a line (and using a View Reference). We would have to create 4 new View Reference types (for the 4 directions of arrows). Adding the ability to place detail callouts to "Reference Other View" seems simple enough (especially since View References are already enabled) - I wonder if Autodesk would find it easier to accept it if it was submitted as a separate idea?


Some of the other ideas here would be hard to separate from being part of a long-overdue "Legend overhaul"...


In Architectural work, maybe will be interesting have a "floor legend component" with PLAN view!


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Also wonderful would be - 


override host layers

linework tool



5. changing instance parameters of legend components




6. Ability to dimension legend components


Ability to add reference callouts to legends.

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