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Better Functionality for Legends!!

Better Functionality for Legends!!

1.  Ability to Tag Legend Components

2.  Ability to rotate Legend Components

3.  Option for "Floor Plan View" for Floors, Ceilings, etc.

4. Ability to Override Graphics, apply Filters, etc to Legend Components


Work arounds for these issues are too many, and leave too much room for error.  A legend should be representative of the items in your model.  It should have as much functionality as your floor plans do because it is meant to be a visual guide of the items in said floor plan.  MUST HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY!


I don't understand why we STILL cannot tag or dimension legend components. This is a huge hassle for wall, roof, ceiling and floor-type schedules. The information is in the model and yet it can't be extracted to create a proper assemblies sheet (not Revit assemblies, just architectural assemblies). The work arounds are silly for what should be  included in Revit in the first place.

Wait until you hear of the revolutionary concepts of drawing everything by hand! It's called Autocad 😖


One thing I try to promote when firms talk about implementing a BIM process on a project is this.....

Learn how to use Revit first because output is only as good as input.

How can we inform our teams to improve on the basics, when Autodesk seem to ignore the customers requirements on improving the basics. If we don't have coordination between information on different views within a single model, how can we improve the BIM process on a project overall. 

Autodesk, please get back to basics. 


This is such a huge problem that companies have gone through absurd lengths to work around it. Using pre-historic phases, entire different models, and other absurd solutions - all this could be gone if Autodesk implemented these simple, basic tools into Legend views. It's honestly astounding Legends were ever released without - what is even the point?


Please, add this to the roadmap asap. We are begging you!!


It has been 10+ years, I see the post at the link below marked as solved, but I beg to differ. Please fulfill this request.  It seems small, but is a huge time suck deal with this on every single project. Yes there are workarounds, but does it really have to be this way?




Just upgrade to 2024 recently, today I was trying the doors & windows legend function,

I started up from the Architectural template of Autodesk, seems they put a legend sample in it, good,

I opened up the views and this is how the template looks like?






two plain textnotes? not even a generative annotation family??

and didn't even put the door components related to those words?


why bother putting "Door Legend" in the template then???


It has been like this ever since I can remember. And not just for architecture it is equally poor for structures and MEP.

It is certainly a case of 'COULD DO BETTER', more effort required etc. Back to basics! Yes indeed, less fuss about icon appearance style and more substance in product please.


Even the new sample models (mentioned as a new feature) just have line work for their legend components.

All disciplines would benefit from a 'decent' legend functionality!


I.e. more intelligent, flexible, taggable legend components

Respect filters, generate symbols in more views

Make legend components more snappable for dimensions

a filterable legend drop down list

respect phase filters for construction sequence projects. (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list)

Some kind a of legend generation wizard maybe?? 😛  Lets aim high(er)! 🙂




@zefreestijl 🤣 I just looked at this. Wow, whoever got this idea up the ladder at Autodesk deserves a promotion. This is terrible! But the new plus signs for view expansion look fantastic!!🙄

Indeed Revit Legends are likely one of Revit's most shameful and underdeveloped aspects.

Enough to make any Product Owner or Revit user cringe at the decade long promise of parametric tools from BIM and Autodesk.


I know I have voted for this in the past, but just a periodic bump that legends in Revit do indeed need attention and fixing.




Bumpity bump!

Revit Product Owner working on refreshing the user interface of Revit and not fixing Legends



+1. Yes agreed are we there yet? Its about time legends become Legendary. 





When do Autodesk add system families to Legends components? Our templates are containing Lines styles matching piping systems, just to create symbolic for these.  



Sorry if I've posted this before but Autodesk isn't doing enough



Tags (4)

I notice they stopped responding. I think the misunderstand the core issues. The REAL common themes to users' complaints. It is easier to address symptoms then it is to address the actual disease, as it were. 

To me, at least, it's the culture that puts SOLVED on anything approaching a solution. It might be a feeble work around; it might only work for certain users, but after a while, a forum post is either seen as SOLVED or ignored. 

There is NO EXCUSE for them forcing everyone into forever pay subscriptions. That means bells and whistles with each release year. That doesn't help us and it costs us a lot of money.

AFAIK, there's also no valid reason for the inability of Revit to save down. It adds unnecessary roadblocks and obstructions to an already overly complex software. 

TBF... their work is incredibly labor intensive. It's mostly labor. Labor is getting more costly for everyone. So I can sympathize with them on that front. They have a lot of highly competent tech's that deserve decent pay, and now that means almost double what it was just 5 or 10 yrs ago, since they're mostly in North America. 

Staff with those skills, in North America, in 2024 routinely working 50, 60 hrs+ a week, that means entry level must be near $100k (including benefits).

Seeing the lackluster Revit update of Revit 2025 yesterday reminded me of this thread.


The big feature is "Arrays of 1 and 0 in Families" lol




Arrays of 1 and 0 is a huge quality of life update for those of us that make families. I wouldn't minimize its impact.


At the same time, the fact that legends still haven't been improved is unacceptable.


🤐 No comment...


Piling on, hoping this issue will get addressed.  Any updates @kimberly.fuhrman ?

1) Legend components of system families (ie walls, ceilings, floors, etc) should allow being placed by 'Plan' or 'RCP' not just by 'section'. This would allow us to maintain a connection between the element type, and how it appears in the legend. Currently it's all manually done, which seems very ... inelegant. 

2) We should be able to tag type parameters of legend components in a legend. For example, the Type Mark on doors, or the type description of a ceiling - those should all be linked to the types. Not linking them means the possibility of error, and is not very BIM-like.

3) Legends should be able to be copied from project to project, like any other view, and not fail during 'insert views', which is what most people use to pull sheets into a project. Or, it should at least fail gracefully. (examples: load the sheet but not the legend. Load the view, but ask what to do about the legend.)

Screenshot 2024-07-03 120222.jpg


Issues / Enhancements Critically Needed for Legend Views:

1. Ability to adjust the "View Range" in a Legend View.  Currently what you see in a "Floor Plan Legend View" is what's below 1.2 meters.  That's because the feature is LOCKED at 1.2 meters above the floor level of the family.  So it will not show (in a floor plan legend view) anything above 1.2 meters.  This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!  

2. To be able to "Tag" components.  Why you can't do this is beyond me.  

3. To be able to "Dimension" components without having to apply "Reference Lines" all over the place in your Families!  

We looked into doing "Assembly Views" instead of "Legend Views" but that is NOT a solution (for us).  As that feature is way to involved and more suited for the "Fabrication Drawing" process.  Which isn't what we are trying to do.  


Please expand the capabilities of Legend Views (as others have stated) as this is critically needed in order to fully represent (and document) products in Revit projects for our clients.  


Thank You 

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