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Ability to edit view references using Sheet Parameters

Ability to edit view references using Sheet Parameters

It would be much more useful to be able to add other parameters (maybe sheet parameters?) to the view reference.

For example; I work on many projects where the sheet name is split into many different parameters ie.;

Site - Project Acronym - Originator - Volume - Level - Discipline - Service Key Code - Sheet Number.


If I want to put in this full number in the view reference, I'm unable to do this because it currently only allows me to put in the sheet number. This isn't useful if there are projects within the same site that may use the same sheet number within that project's drawings.... if that makes sense?...


Basically... we can add new parameters to sheets so why not allow use of the same parameters within the view reference?


Customers would like to access the referencing sheet parameter – pointing it to a specific sheet or multiple sheets.

Suggested by: Black&Veatch and HNTB



Would also be nice to reference sheets parametrically inside of text.


Thumbed up! Cheers for the heads up @lionel.kai

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