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Abbreviations Database / Smart Abbreviations

Abbreviations Database / Smart Abbreviations

It would be cool if abbreviations become part of a Revit model's project information in a database-like format.  If you could type out a list of abbreviations that then become smart to the project by recognizing text as the user types a word in a text box and offers the suggested abbreviation.  This way all users are bound to use the same abbreviation across the board.

For abbreviations that are more symbol-like, like center line designated as C overlapping L or plate designated as P overlapping L, perhaps give the capacity to use a symbol family to represent its abbreviation, or perhaps tap into character mapping to accomplish this. 

I would also love for it to be schedulable.  For instance, my firm utilizes a master list for project-wide abbreviations and then an abbreviated list (no pun intended) for a finish schedule later in the set.  This is done so that the abbreviations that apply most closely to finishes are short-listed for ease of access.  If these could speak to each other in terms of the format mentioned above, and schedulable, that would be nice!

I've used the key note schedule method, and it works, but it is still quite static and for that matter I might as well just use a text box in a drafting or legend view.  The other thing about key note schedules is that they are one-and-done.  I can't make a copy of the schedule and filter it to accomplish the short-listed abbreviations I mentioned above. 

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