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Editing Nested Family Parameters from Project Schedule

Editing Nested Family Parameters from Project Schedule

Quite often, a single family will have multiple sub-components that each need to be individually scheduled (e.g., an air handling unit often has multiple coils that need to show up in the same schedule). Revit's current functionality only allows a family (e.g., an air handling unit) to show up in a schedule once, so adding the shared parameters for the multiple sub-components to the family directly does not allow an easy way to schedule all the components. Revit does allow nested "shared" families to show up on the schedule. However, the parameters for these nested families are not editable from the schedule within the project. The only ways to edit the parameters in the nested family are to (1) edit the host family and modify the parameters in the nested family from there or (2) associate the nested family's parameters with host family parameters and modify the parameters from the properties of the host family within the project. When you have multiple instances of the families scattered across large, multi-level buildings, neither of these options are efficient or practical.


The functionality of Revit schedules would be greatly improved by adding the ability to modify the values of nested family parameters directly through the schedule in the project. This would improve efficiency and circumvent the need for many workarounds that are currently necessary to format schedules with multiple sub-components in a presentable fashion.

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