A year in review 2022: AutoCAD edition

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With topics covering many different categories, the contributions related to AutoCAD in 2022 provide real solutions to problems we as designers face in our daily work life. From Design focused posts to the introduction of Tooltips, AutoCAD enthusiasts worldwide shared their knowledge and experience to make the design process more efficient, effective, and fun.


Whether you are a seasoned AutoCAD user or just starting out, the resources available on this platform can help you improve your skills and productivity. With new features and updates constantly being released, staying updated with the latest trends and techniques can be daunting, but the AutoCAD community is here to help.


Design Focused Posts

Tracking Room Areas in AutoCAD

Using an Image as a Hatch in AutoCAD

AutoCAD Articulated Arithmetic: Getting a 'Maximum' Out of Fields

It's all about your (AutoCAD entity) properties!

AutoCAD Paste As Block - One And Done!

Vendor Supplied Data - It Can Be A Minefield!


Annotation Focused Posts

AutoCAD Dimensions – Trust but Verify

AutoCAD Multileaders – Have It Your Way

We all like to try the AutoCAD Samples

Your Words Matter. Make Sure They're Accurate in AutoCAD

Label GIS Data with AutoCAD MTEXT Using Map 3D


Plotting Focused Posts

Stamp Out the Unknown with Plot Stamps in AutoCAD

Get Your Raster Faster from AutoCAD


Scripts and LISP Focused Posts

Set your AutoCAD Scripts to Warp Speed – with Core Console



Networked CAD Management - Part 1 - Support folder, acad.lsp, and acaddoc.lsp.


Performance Focused Posts

AutoCAD Tiptoe Through the ToolTips (First Verse)

AutoCAD: Tiptoe Through the ToolTips (Second Verse)

AutoCAD Drawing Files –Keep Them Clean!

Access your AutoCAD files more efficiently with custom Places.

The AutoCAD right click menu - make it your own!

In AutoCAD, Sometimes it’s the Little Things...

AutoCAD locks up when opening a new file…. or maybe not.

Don’t Let the AutoCAD Interface Stymie You

AutoCAD: In Search of ET’s

View your AutoCAD drawings in a WYSIWYG display

3 Ways to Find the Location of your Drawings in AutoCAD and Vertical Toolsets

AutoCAD’s PDF Import Is a Great Multi-tasker

Clipboard Options - A CAD Users Best Friend !

Be More Productive with Right-Click Delay


Command Focused Posts

Did You Know...About the AutoCAD SETBYLAYER Command?

AutoCAD's Command Line: Sometimes the old ways work the best.

Missing command line for AutoCAD LT for Mac


Blocks, Layers, and View Focused Posts

How to Count Blocks in AutoCAD

AutoCAD Entity Layers - Sometimes You Just Have To Go Down The Rabbit Hole

AutoCAD Views: An Old Dog Who Has Learned Some New Tricks


AutoCAD Electrical Related Posts

Let AutoCAD Electrical Create Your Schematics - You Deserve a Coffee Break

AutoCAD Electrical wire numbers – Your connections are everything

Hidden in plain sight? How to hide multiple wire numbers in AutoCAD Electrical with ease

Do not go home in AutoCAD Electrical!

AutoCAD Electrical Report Generator – A cross platform standout that you need to use

ACADE Project Choices That will Cost More (Time and Money) Than You Think!


AutoCAD Related Posts

AutoCAD 2023 - REVIEW

Happy 40th birthday AutoCAD: My journey for 30 of those years

AutoCAD turns 40. How time flies…

Reflections on AutoCAD turning 40……


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