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Lengthen Command: Measure Twice, Lengthen Once

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The Lengthen command in AutoCAD can modify various types of objects, including lines, arcs, polylines, open splines (limited options), and elliptical arcs. It allows you to adjust the lengths of these objects, either by a specific value or by a calculated distance, offering flexibility and control over the dimensions of your designs.


This tool can be found on the Home Tab - Modify Panel - LENGTHEN LENGTHEN.png


Alternatively, you can type this command into your Keyboard, LENGTHEN or LEN.


This command is all Command Line driven, so make sure you have it turned on (CTRL+9 / Commandline) for a better experience.

After activation, you will be prompted to choose an object to begin, you can select more than one object. Your options include Delta, Percent, Total, and Dynamic.



Shorten or Lengthen a selected object by a specific value. When you provide a positive value, the object will be extended, whereas a negative value will trim it.


kristinayoungblut_3-1688961801258.png kristinayoungblut_4-1688961829510.png



Allows you to modify the length of objects by a specified percentage. Instead of inputting a specific value or distance, you can enter a percentage value to adjust the length proportionally.

Below 100 will trim your object, where as over 100 will extend it.

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Allows you to set the length of a selected object by specifying the total absolute length from a fixed endpoint. If your object is 27.42 and you need 27.5, Total will get you there quickly.




This enables Dynamic Dragging mode. This mode allows you to change the length of a selected object by dragging one of its endpoints while keeping the other endpoint fixed.


Let your imagination stretch as you play with lengths, experiment with curves, and bring your designs to life. Get ready to have a blast while mastering the art of precision in your CAD creations. Go ahead, give it a try, and let the fun begin!


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A shout out to my friend @DragonLady9910 - Jenn Kennedy for reminding me about this command. 

Great tip @kristina.youngblut 

It is ridiculous how handy this tool is.  I got out of habit with it when I was doing parametric design as I was controlling with parameters and formulas. Now that I am doing more 2D design, it has become very handy. 

I do use the LEN command often, expecially when  i discovered it was an option with using GRIPS.  i click in the grip, hover for a second and the option pops up.  its really useful when i have a line on an angle.  thanks!

@kristina.youngblut Thanks for sharing this one Kristina!!  It is truly one of my favorite commands, and definitely one that everyone should know. It's handy in so many scenarios while designing and drafting.

Thanks @kristina.youngblut! I knew about the LEN command, but have only used total length. Good to know it is a versatile command.