A year in review 2022: Inventor edition


The Autodesk Inventor community made insightful contributions in 2022, providing essential and practical solutions to common design and performance challenges designers face. From optimizing file management and naming conventions to enhancing performance by clearing out 3rd party files and creating complex patterns, the community's expertise and experience have made the design process more efficient and effective.


The resources available on this platform can help you improve your design workflow and maximize performance using Autodesk Inventor. The community's sharing of new and innovative techniques and features is a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge in your field. Join the Inventor community today to explore these valuable resources and see how they can take your designs to the next level.


Design Focused Posts

Inventor - Some Tricks or Treats for Patterns (no Candy Corn)

Inventor 101 - Assembly (Static) Constraints vs Joint Constraints

Assembly Building in Inventor

Inventor 101 - Solid Foundations

Inventor 101 - Editing

Inventor 101: Why does it take so (bleeping) long?

Inventor 101: Section Views


Annotation Focused Posts

Inventor – Model Dimensions vs User Dimensions

Inventor - 3D Annotations

Inventor 101 – Ordinate Dimensions for Detail Views


Performance Focused Posts

Inventor 101 – Knock Knock Knock, “Housekeeping!”

Inventor 101: “Knock, knock, knock….Housekeeping” Day 2

Inventor 101: Did You Know – Advanced View Cropping

Inventor 101 - File Naming Defaults

You have a function idea for Inventor or Revit but don't know where to start?

iLogic Design Copy


I want to express my gratitude to all the contributors who have made these fantastic educational posts possible.

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