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Void in Beam + Steel Connection not working

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Void in Beam + Steel Connection not working

Hi everyone, 



I just added a connection between two beams. I got advice, and my void is not able to cut the beam anymore. 

Is there any correlation? Is it possible that 2024 I cannot add a ST connection and a void in the same beam?

The void is family with I cut the beam for the beam penetration; the connection is from the ST connection from Revit Steel tools. 

Screenshot 2024-03-21 110511.png

Screenshot 2024-03-21 110646.png

 Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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in reply to: lglielmi

Once you add a connection, the Revit beam becomes a "fabrication" beam, and is no longer a Revit beam.

Voids in Revit no longer cut the "fabrication" elements.

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in reply to: apjones

Thanks for the answer! Helpful!
And this is true even if I only add a steel operation, right?
This is crazy. Anyway, I've been getting used to it for ten years, trying to find an alternative solution to this software.

I even saw the opening from Autodesk (which I wouldn't say I like since I cannot create type and tag), which doesn't work on the beam with the modification. Is there a way to create openings in a fabrication element?

Since my project is almost done, the trick is not to use an RVT connection. What a pity.
Do you have any solution?
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in reply to: lglielmi

Hi. You can just the opening tool in the steel tab. That will work

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in reply to: Ignus.E

Thanks! I will go without an ST connection since I have hundreds of openings done with that. 

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in reply to: Ignus.E

@Ignus.E Is there any tool I can use in particular? Are you referring to the contour cut? 

My issue is that I was using the Void family to create different types, tag them, count them, and put a symbol on the floor plan. Like this: 



Is there a way to keep using the steel connection and family to create a void? (or another system to tag/count/show detail item on the floor plan)

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