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Zoom improvements - reverse, speed

Zoom improvements - reverse, speed


1) Please introduce an option to reverse the zoom direction - separately for the mouse wheel AND interactive zoom (CTRL-MiddleMouseButton)!

If you zoom with the mouse wheel, rolling 'towards' you will zoom OUT.

If you interactively zoom (CTRL-MMB), moving the mouse 'towards' you will zoom IN - Why? This is counter-intuitive!


In our office, we use Rhino a lot, which zooms OUT when using interactive zoom (CTRL-MMB), and every time I switch applications, I have to re-adjust my muscle memory...



Why not just use the mouse wheel, then, all the time?

Because I use a Wacom tablet for almost everything I do on the PC. It is the most relaxed way of interaction (I can tell after decades). After a day of mouse-clicking, my wrist and index finger hurts, so I go for Pen input... recommended!


(Btw., Wacom pens have this little rocket switch on the side, which can be configured. I put MMD and RMB there, and voilá, you can nicely interactively zoom, in Revit or elsewhere).


2) Please add options to adjust the interaction speed for

- zooming

- orbiting

Revit always feels somewhat 'sluggish' when working in the viewport. I'd prefer interaction if it would be a bit faster.


Thanks a lot!

Best regards


Please vote for this.  I understand your frustration!! I too use a Wacom tablet and use it for all of my professional needs (ie. AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Rhino, Vray, KeyShot, MS Office, Mac OS, and yes -Revit too.) 


Revit is the only piece of software that does not allow you to reverse the Zoom! Please provide this feature because the zoom is counterintuitive.  Think of the rotation you do when zooming with a professional photographic camera.  You zoom-in counter-clockwise and zoom out clockwise.  In Revit these rotations are reversed and there is no way to reverse them. 


Please provide a way to reverse the Zoom in Revit.


I would also love to see this option added! It's tough going from other applications that zoom one way, to Revit which zooms the opposite direction.


Coming from a background in mechanical design, every software I've used either has the opposite zoom wheel behavior from Revit, or at least the option to change it. It's really frustrating to have to do the opposite of what feels natural to me!

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