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SHIFT to add, CTRL to subtract from selection (instead of the other way round)

SHIFT to add, CTRL to subtract from selection (instead of the other way round)


As the title says. Like in almose ANY other windows application.


This has been wished for a few years back I see, but gathered no traction... I wonder why.

I also wonder how somebody at Autodesk could up with this bright idea to do it the exact opposite back then, and seemingly nobody gave it a second thought. Now everybody got used to it and not questioning it anymore...


Could we have a preference for this, please?

Thank you!


I've been using Revit for 10 years now and I still get this wrong. Muscle memory reinforced by every other app is just too strong.



Things like this should be -at least- optional per user, just like keyboard shortcuts! You can have it your way, and I mine. None of us is wrong, just personal preferences. I have gotten used to the Revit way, but I do understand your idea, and I support it, because having options is great!



People who need to work with various different 3d and 2d applications might understand this.


And this simple thing is just one example, actually. Fascinating, how every other developer team seemingly re-invents the wheel. There can and should be standards for a modern user interfaces. Selection, viewport navigation, panel docking, non-modal dialogs, working with lists of all sorts, etc. etc.


AT LEAST could we please have the option to stick to the windows standard regarding adding to / subtracting from / inverting the selection?


I agree, that must be user defined.


Personally, I prefer the way it is. In Windows Explorer you hold Ctrl to add elements to selections, in AutoCAD you use Shift to remove from selection.


A have a (gamming) mouse with multiple buttoms, with Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Esc and Enter mapped on it. So I don't have to use the keyboard (and the other hand) for selection elements or navigate in the view (not to write) and I can choose what key assign to each buttom. There is a lot of mouse that let you define multiple layout profile (for games, but I use for different software), so for me a specific mouse buttom isn't Ctrl or Shift, it's Add or Remove from selection no matter the software I'm ussing because (if I use it a lot) I have a Profile Layout for that.


Not too many people will be happy if you invert the function of Ctrl and Shift after almost 20 years; so if have to be User Defined.


Good way to deal with that issue.

I have some sort of generalized keyboard layout that I use across 3D programs, if possible. It's the first thing I set up when I want or have to learn an application.

Since a year I also use AutoHotkey, to 'convince' stubborn programs to 'feel' the way I am used to.

For Revit, I now use a simple ahk script to swap Undo and Redo key bindings, since these are not configurable, and I prefer Undo being on being on CTRL-Y, which is much more comfortable (got a german keyboard, where Z and Y are swapped).

Customization, yeah... 


Version 2022 now, STILL have the same ridiculous difference than EVERY other windows application. 
I use Bluebeam, I have to hold "SHIFT" to add to the selection set, but Revit is "CTRL." and I keep pressing the wrong button. Word and Excel are the same way, Shift to add selection. 

Why is Autodesk so STUPBBORN about this? Is it their goal to make users frustrated?


agree. please make this user defined. so annoying.


also agree, @AutoDesk plz change this to be a user defined feature

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