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Wrong Workset Alert!

Wrong Workset Alert!

As it says. May be a pop up window to say "Are you sure?" for instance when about to model ductwork on an Heating layout.


Worksets are arbitrary. The names currently have no association to anything. You can create one called "Nothing" or "Broken Things".

You would need some way of associating model categories to the worksets so there is something to recognize as a possible mistake.

Maybe add a column to set default workset in object styles.




Or we could move away from using Worksets like Layers and make use of the wealth of ways in which filters can help define View Templates.


For example:

If you're modelling correctly you're already having to make sure that you are modelling your ductwork using the right type, and using the right duct system. 


Does anyone want another thing to worry about when modelling? When the things we have to be deliberate about (Type and System) are already enough information to ensure the elements being created or modified are only showing where intended, why introduce an extra level of parameter selection?

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