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Visual View Range

Visual View Range

It would be nice to be able to update view range of a floor plan or plan region on a section or 3d view by drag and drop its different primary ranges and view depth. Sometimes, the current way to solve a view range is a struggle, especially on RCP.


view range.JPG


The diagram in the view range dialog box is merely conceptual, and gives an approximation of what the setting might do, but it is not interactive -- The view range dialog is clumsy to use, and unpredictable on complex projects, even for experienced users.  The dialog should instead operate in real-time with a section or 3D view of the project so users can see what elements will be hidden as they adjust view range sliders.

I agree

The interactive visual would be extremely helpful!  Also, please incorporate a ceiling plan version.  

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make it happen autodesk!


the guess and check method can only get you so far. Make something similar to a section box in the 3d view, or an elevation tag in plan view. It could function like adjusting a floor where you can select it in plan view and then edit it in 3d.

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What should happen is from a 3d view when you orient the view to a floor plan it should show the view range as a box in 3d view.


An adjustable slides with live mini section (just like shown in the Help sample) showing where the ranges are set. And won't let you "overlap" the range adjustments (no more cut plane is below bottom error...etc). And flips for ceiling plans (which is always tricky to figure out the view range settings).

Revit View Range slide adjustments.jpg



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Yes please!

An interactive view range setting would help tons.

I would say that 70% of the user questions we get are things related to the view range settings or stuff that is invisible in plans. Just to understand how it works is a pain in the back.

So many times I had to open the object in 3D and to manually drag a dummy wall to see where the view range ACTUALLY cuts, because the settings are so unintuitive it hurts.


Yes! Similar to 3D clip in AutoCAD. Drag the view range up or down in a dialogue window rather than trying to calculate the offsets from a level.3D clip.jpg3D clip 1.jpg

Thank you. the comment is appreciated. Hopefully this is possible in Revit.

View range has always been a challenge for me especially for reflected ceiling plans.


It would great and very intuitive if when you clicked on the view range button a section view popped up and a drag bar tool (for lack of a better term) is drawn across the section  like a reference plane that cut through the drawing.


You could drag the reference plane up and down to determine where you wanted to cut the view and then there would be other reference planes that you could drag up and down to set the limits of the view. You could also type in the heights similar to how it is now but there would be a visual of what the extents are just like they are shown in the majority of the tutorials for view range including the one from this site.


This is similar to the drag bars for the 3d section tool.




When you right click the view cube in a 3D view and orient view to a plan view, it shows the view range as specified in the plan view properties.  This is a good check to see if the view range is set up correctly but it would be much easier if there was a way you could drag the top and bottom extents in 3D to capture the range you desire. 


Would be very helpful. Or at least a highlight function when we open view range in 3D/Section

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Since this seems to be one of the more difficult concepts to wrap one's head around when learning or even troubleshooting REVIT views. Where you can click learn more and gives you the break down of how it works, its such a fantastic view of all the components. It would be great if could just control that each range with a handle instead also display the active view you are working within real-time. 


REVIT life would be that much more intuitive. 


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It's ideas like this that make me wish I could code.  This would make a great add on tool, an app that could turn any view into a quick temporary elevation with sliding controls for the view range, especially for RCPs where everything is upside down.


@Anonymous: Absolutely! View Range should have a separate enhanced window for it. Like the one in Allplan. User should have the possibility of choosing View Range by Reference Planes and Levels (relative dimensions) or by Topographic Elevation or Sea Level(absolute dimensions).

I recall that Allplan had 5 different modalities of choosing View Ranges.

Autodesk should also consider that every Revit user may have personal preferences or reasons about how View Range should be set. Architects may establish View Range by certain named planes and levels, while engineers may establish View Range by numbers / elevation dimensions. Engineering is all about numbers and dimensions (absolute or relative), more accurate, while architecture is more about proportions, less technical, less numbery.


What about a view range that can be visible in 3D views to ensure you range (or plan regions) interact with what you are attempting to do?


I.e we work on some complicated slabs where it would be great so see in 3D where the view range isn't quite picking up the underside of slab.

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Let see if we can get some more votes and push this through.


Yes! I proposed this as a Wishlist item on the AUGI forum. Apparently developers look at this. Hopefully it becomes implemented. I still can't get my head around just plugging in numbers. It's the worst. 


In order to speed up the process of adjusting view ranges a visual way of setting up the view range would be useful. As an example the different planes of the view range could be previewed and modified in a selected section view.


It would also make it much easier to identify the correct view ranges to include selected elements in the model.  

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Personally I'd like to see them as 3D boxes you can trim (after you put the desired settings) in the model.

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