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Visual View Range

Visual View Range

It would be nice to be able to update view range of a floor plan or plan region on a section or 3d view by drag and drop its different primary ranges and view depth. Sometimes, the current way to solve a view range is a struggle, especially on RCP.


view range.JPG


I think the section view idea is brilliant, it would make life so much easier.


A scope dox that you could click and drag would avoid having to keep doing trial and error with the view range values until you can see what you want to see. 


Top idea. 


YES!  This ^ So much this.


I'm one of the user is exhausting to adjust the plan View Range, especially in the large building floor plan that has many change floor elevations and is open to the above ceiling as shown in the attachment. Normally require many cut sections and found reference levels to adjust view ranges, create plan regions, and require repeating tasks if changes architectural floor changes. It would be easier to adjust in 3d view instead (3d view button). refer to the attached samples.



Capture-3D VIEW.JPG

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Hi, @tongj ,


There are several similar Ideas that I will combine. Thank you for your Idea submission!




I honestly can't believe this isn't already a thing, we definitely need this!


I have been trying to get this one on the top of the list for years! I posted on the AUGI forum. 


This is so needed. I still don't understand view range logic after 6 plus years. Especially with RCPs


Sometimes trying to find what you need in a view range on someone else's is not easy.  Create an adjustable Section View stye view range.  One where you can adjust all of your primary ranges and depth in the same way one would adjust a scope/crop box.  With the model you are working with in the adjustable view range section, it will be much easier to see and understand how to set your view range that you need.   The original style view range settings would still be used for a much more clean-cut view range set up.   


I just found this and like the approach but think it could be better leveraged with color coded lines, think levels, in sections / elevations that can be turned off in view templates.   Top would be one color, Bottom another, and the Cut line could be different.  All very visually clear, and live (smart) and not rely on the numbers inside a dialog box of a wait and see approach.  It could be modeless. 


The ability to visually set a View Range via a section should be basic to the software.  It already has the View range data in it, it simply needs a graphic means of expression for what is already there.  This should be a no-brainer even for Autodesk.

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View ranges are very confusing. This is an absolute must add feature. A simple section view with sliders would solve this confusion.


Autodesk Team - We need this feature please.


The nifty visual makes no mention of RCP, it just greys out elements as if you need to hunt for a different value in order to unlock the greys. Really lacking in explanation for the naming strategy of those tools, too. Just write full explanations on the dialog window already and show when it's switching to RCP Mode. Stop being concise.

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When setting a view range we often use sections for reference. It would be great if we could adjust the range right from the section. Placing "grips" where you can slide to adjust. Even better would be on a 3d view.  Another idea would be allowing for sloped reference plane. Such that you can have the same view across a long sloping walkway.

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