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Visual Graphics - System Overrides

Visual Graphics - System Overrides

At a full-service firm (MEP, Architecture, Structure...etc.) we have 3 templates - MEPF, Structure, and Architecture.

During a project, each of these models are linked to one another for coordination.


Mechanical uses the Duct System - Graphic overrides to show the different systems within the model.

When you link the MEPF model to another model, the system colors are maintained, however, there is no way to control the color of these systems without using a filter.


This requires architecture and structural to include a filter in each view/view template. This is not preferable.

Autodesk Revit should show Duct Systems as a category in the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog to control other disciplines system colors from a linked model. (Structural and architecture do not need/want to see these colors)


See the video for the problem this idea proposal would solve.



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