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Use Combined parameters in Schedule Filters and Sorting.

Use Combined parameters in Schedule Filters and Sorting.



Unfortunately, a Schedule allows you to sort on only 4 parameters.



There are several cases where this is not enough.


In 2018 we can use combined parameters in a schedule so we can combine as many parameters as we like.

It would be very welcome if we could use a combined parameter in the Schedule sorting list.

So we can create our own unique key and sort on that parameter.


combined parameter in schedule.png


It would also be nice if we could use the combined parameter in the filter option.



Make it possible to use/select Combine parameters in Sorting/Grouping "Sort by:" 

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I recently created a Calculated Value in a R2016 Structural Framing Schedule so that I could sort and group the results by Reference Level Elevation, but also show the Reference Level (name) in the Header for each sorted group (fields hidden to conserve space). I had to hardcode the values in the formula (which makes it very fragile, see below), but even if the "Combined Parameter" (from R2017+) was available to me, I'd still need my workaround (since you can't sort/group by Combined Parameter).


My formula, as an example:


if(Reference Level Elevation = 0 mm, "0 - First Floor", if(Reference Level Elevation = 4900 mm, "4900 - Second Floor", if(Reference Level Elevation = 9800 mm, "9800 - Third Floor", if(Reference Level Elevation = 14700 mm, "14700 - Fourth Floor", if(Reference Level Elevation = 19600 mm, "19600 - Roof", if(Reference Level Elevation = 22900 mm, "22900 - Stair 1 - Roof", "?")))))) 


An alternate solution to my problem would be to simply allow me to concatenate the Elevation and name parameters (with a " - " in between) in the Calculated Value, per this idea: Allow text in formulas (assuming it's implemented properly).


Schedules need the same abilities ans the View Filters, we can't even filter a schedule by Family or Type. The real power of Revit lies in schedules.


I was just about to post this idea.  Makes no sense that you can't sort by a Combined Parameter.


Yes, this would definitely be helpful, especially for situations when you're dealing with W x D x H. The ability to sort using this parameter means I wouldn't have to "itemize every instance".


How about a Room Name & Number header, grouping items by the rooms they are in?! Makes sense....right?

Yes, @casquatch , every day I try and come up with a better way, normally I sort and group by room number and then room name so the headers are stacked, but every so often I need more than 3 sort/groups so that I don't have to 'itemise every instance'.


i just wanted to add a suffix to the sort by header. now i am down this rabbit hole.


I hope this gets implemented, Not being able to at least sort by combined parameters has been a pet peeve since they were added, since it would make for clearer header values and free up sorting slots in the schedule formatting.  Being able to do so has become more important with Revit 2024's addition of scheduling revision comments.  "Views: Sheet Number" and "Sheets: Sheet Number" are different parameters, one for revisions in views, and the other for revisions on a sheet.  Combined parameters can report the sheet name and number regardless of revision location, but since combined parameters can't be used to group data a project with mixed revision locations can't group comments by sheet natively in Revit.


The latest versions of Revit allow Combined Parameters in schedules, however Combined Parameters are not available for use in Sorting/Grouping or Filter by selections.  Calculated values are available in Sorting/Grouping and Filter by selections, why not combined parameters?

This could prove to be very useful given text string operations are still not available to us.


This would be very helpful in a number of situations.  I regularly make schedules of elements in rooms which I would like to use a combined parameter (room number + room name) as the header.  I can sort of do it by doing taking up two of the available groupings, but this takes two lines per room, which adds up quickly in a large project.  


I also will use calculated values to display text when one of the parameters are always null. A good example of this is the ability in '24 to schedule revision clouds. Revision clouds don't have a single "Sheet Number" parameter, instead they have one version for views, and another version for sheets.  A combined value can be used to display the sheet number, but it can't be sorted (See this for more on the revision cloud parameter issue).


Combined parameters should also only report <Varies> in combined rows if the resulting combined value is different.  As seen with the revision clouds, if the combined parameter is made of "<Sheets: Sheet Number><Views: Sheet Number>", and one cloud has the combined parameter of <A-101><> and the other <><A-101> if those clouds are grouped it shows <Varies><Varies> when it should still show "A-101" as displayed for both clouds when every instance is shown.


This would be very useful!


This Needs to Happen ASAP. We should be able to filter and sort by any parameter in a Schedule. 


It's very useful to add new-calculated-combined paremeters in our schedules, but it would be even better to use them with all the same capabilities as the built-in and project ones.  Yes, you can use a calculated parameter to group and sort any schedule, as it's considered a project parameter, but you can't do the same with a combined parameter


Is it too filiprim to ask that all be equal for all intents and purposes?

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