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Revit 2024 Revision Cloud Schedule should show the sheet a revisions is on when placed in a view

Revit 2024 Revision Cloud Schedule should show the sheet a revisions is on when placed in a view

In Revit 2024, one of the new features allows you to create a Revision Cloud Schedule.  It is great to finally be able to schedule these categories.  It is missing one major piece though.  When creating the schedule and adding the sheet name and number it will not recognize Revision Cloud placed in a view that lives on a sheet.  This is problematic.


In the example below, I have two Revisions Clouds.  Revision 1 lives directly on the sheet.  Revision 2 lives on the view that is then placed on the sheet.  You can see that the titleblock recognizes both as it should.




However, when you look at the Revision Cloud Schedule it does not show that Revision 2 exists on the sheet.  That pretty much renders this schedule useless if trying to schedule which Revisions exist on each sheet.




Autodesk should fix this schedule to work just like the revision schedule that exists in the titleblocks and show revisions placed in views on sheets.



While being able to see a schedule of revision clouds is helpful, the feature needs to be improved to allow for revision clouds to be grouped and sorted by the sheet they exist on.  There are several possible options for resolving this issue:

  • The "Sheet" and "View" prefixes need to be removed from the parameters (so instead of "Sheets: Sheet Number" and "Views: Sheet Number" there is only a "Sheet Number" parameter)
  • Allow combined parameters to be used for sorting and grouping (A combined parameter is able to display the sheet number because the clouds only have one or the other, however this currently can't be used for sorting and grouping.  Allowing combined parameters to be used for sorting and grouping would help in many schedule types, since often it would be nice to have a header that combines several parameters (sheet name & number, room name & number, etc.).  However, this doesn't appear to work when "Itemize every Instance" is turned off, because even when the result of the combined value is identical it reports as "<varies><varies>"
  • Update calculated values (which can be sorted) to be able to evaluate text parameters, and to report a value when the parameter being evaluated is "null".  This would be a less intuitive solution, but it would be helpful across the board if calculated values behaved more like filters

The revision cloud schedule feature is also missing the "Count" parameter typical of other schedules, to display the number of clouds with specific values.


We have been generating a file with dynamo to assist in writing revision narratives which groups all revision cloud comments by the sheet they appear on (regardless of whether the cloud is in a view or on a sheet), then provides a count of the number of clouds with each comment.  I was hoping that Revit '24 would replace the need for using a script and have a live revision comment list, but currently this feature is insufficient.  We will still need a dynamo script to at least push the sheet number to a common parameter for sorting, and will have to add a calculated value to function the way the count parameter does (integer type, =1)


@nbower  You can get the sheet name and number from the Views option:




I am aware you can get the sheet name and number from the views dropdown.  My whole point is that revisions placed directly on sheets and revisions placed in the views cannot be reconciled in the same paramters

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