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Sync to Central Queue/Timer

Sync to Central Queue/Timer

Whilst there is a similar idea here:


My proposal is slightly different.  Currently we are using Teams to coordinate and communicate syncs to avoid the case of multiple reload latest.  This works, but its not integrated...



  1. User selects Sync to Central
  2. User enters a queue and can see in the status bar how many users are in front of them and the currently syncing users actions in the process, <User 1 is currently Reloading Latest>
  3. If necessary the User can withdraw their request prior to it commencing (for instance if they discover someone else needs to relinquish something they need, to avoid having to sync twice)
  4. Whilst in the queue the user can continue working as normal.
  5. When its the user's turn to sync a dialog appears with a timer of 30 seconds advising "Begin Sync to Central", if they select Okay it commences immediately.  If not, (they are away from their computer) the time counts down and when it reaches 0, they are pushed to the back of the queue.

    Perhaps this step isn't needed?  Trying to account for issues where a user isn't attending their computer and mid sync an error message is presented...

Hi @cprice!


Thank you for taking the time and providing feedback!


Could the Activity Indicator feature released in Revit 2020.1 solve this problem?

It is described here in step 3 and what it does is to show a user if another user is synchronizing at that time.




No, not really. That's a very small portion of the requested feature.

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