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Split Section Line in Elevations and Plan View Simultaneously

Split Section Line in Elevations and Plan View Simultaneously

Good morning,

I would like to be able with one and the same cut to split the section line in the elevations and the plan view simultaneously. Indeed sometimes I would like to cut on an opening upstairs but this one does not lead with the opening of the lower level, so I have to tweak with several cuts to obtain what I want in the presentation space and suddenly in my workspace, it is impossible for me to visualize this section in a single view! Graphically cut on openings is more visually pleasing than on a wall…

Could you integrate the possibility of having a different depth of cut for each level and not only on a single level via the "split segment" tool?

Thanks in advance.



(Used google translate). If understand your idea what you probably after is the plan region tool.  Please confirm!!! IF so @kimberly.fuhrman please move to Architectural forum.Plan Region.png


No, this is not what I want. Below is a practical example to add to my request.



So simply put, split the section line in elevations and plan view simultaneously. Sure I have seen this request somewhere before, but can't to find anything.


See this video for interest: Open 3D View in Revit Tutorial - YouTube. The concept could probably be applied as work around to achieve your end goal by creating views required and then align them on sheet so they look like one view. Is this what you currently doing?




This is exactly what I want! 😄

Idea: I would like to be able to split the section line in the elevations and the plan view simultaneously

Can you replace my first text with this sentence that sums up everything? 😄 Adding my illustration?


Thank you


@kimberly.fuhrman can you assist @f.dugue 


Sorry mate don't work for autodesk. What you can try is click on the ellipses button and see if can edit that way




@f.dugue ,


Happy to help!


Thank you for your Idea submission!



Piggybacking off your idea see my request below.
Plan Regions in a section view - Section Region 

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