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Revit Revisions

Revit Revisions

Can I make suggestion for the Revit Revisions workflow please.

While we working on projects we have to adhere to Project/Client specific revision numbering strategy or if there is no strategy we do follow requirements on the international standard BS EN ISO 19650_2_2018 and the BS_1192_2007_A2_2016 (superseded by the international standard but still current)

Therefore using the built in Revit Revision facility which is very handy we are following the following workflow:

1. We are using ‘Alphanumeric’ Numbering for all drawing issued before construction i.e.: work in progress, coordination, comments etc.. with Prefix P (inline with BS_1192_2007_A2_2016 )
2. And we are using the ‘Numeric’ Numbering for all drawings issued for construction with prefix C
3. The above workflow work perfectly until you reach Completion Stage and have to issue Record Drawings. 
a. we need to issue the ‘As Construction’ with prefix CR in revision, unfortunately there is no third option for us to use and the ‘NONE’ Numbering is not a great solution

Therefore could you please add third Numbering method which has the same properties as ‘Alphanumeric’ and name it ‘Custom’ or whatever other name you wish?

This will allow us and probably most of the industry to work more efficiently


Exact same issue here, must be an easy fix for this??



Already implemented in Revit 2022.  




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