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Revit LT for MEP

Revit LT for MEP

Please extend Revit LT with MEP functionality.


I would like to know why Autodesk treats MEP companies different then Architects or Construction companies. 

Small Building (Architects) and Construction companies can buy Revit LT to model building projects. With the Revit LT version they have the ability to design a complete building, model walls, Floors, place object like doors, windows, furniture, etc. Where the MEP Company does not have the ability to model the installations in the buildings with Revit LT.

In Revit there is the Architecture and Structure Ribbon with the common Architecture and Structure functions in it. But why isn’t there the System Ribbon for the MEP firms.

Why have small building companies the ability to buy the cheep Revit version and do small MEP companies have to buy the full version of Revit to model their installation design.

That is not fair I think.

Treat the MEP companies the same as Building and construction companies and gif the LT tools to model their installations.

There are a lot of MEP functions that you can disable in Revit LT.

Why not disable some MEP functions.

  • Allow MEP companies to model MEP installations without the fancy functions.
  • Let them model Duct, Pipe, Cable Tray and Conduit runs like Architects can model Walls, Floors and Ceilings.
  • Let them use the modify tools like Trim and Extend.
  • Let them change sizes by hand. Do not allow them to calculate sizes.
  • Let them place MEP components like Architects can place their components. (electrical fixtures, Lighting Fixtures, Air Terminals, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, etc.)

The buttons that you see in the Systems Ribbon below that have no red cross, except the Wire function, just model ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays and conduits or place families.

  • Let them place Spaces like Architects place Rooms
  • Let them place accessories in Ducts and Pipes like Architects can place Windows and Doors in Walls


Disable the following functions in Revit LT (MEP)


Revit LT_1.png

  • Placeholder Ducts, Pipes and Conduits
  • Parallel Pipes and Conduits
  • Fabrication Parts
  • P&ID modeler
  • Convert to Flex duct

 Revit LT_2.png


  • Zones
  • Panel Schedules
  • Duct Pressure loss reports
  • Pipe Pressure loss reports
  • Check Circuit
  • Energy optimization
  • Disable all the engineering possibilities with Spaces. Gif them only the parameters Space name, Space number. Let them use Spaces like the Architect uses Rooms in Revit LT. You could gray all the engineering parameters out.

 Revit LT_3.png

  • Panel Schedule template settings
  • Fabrication Settings
  • Load Classifications
  • Demand Factor Settings
  • P&ID settings

 Revit LT_4.png

  • Insulation functions
  • Lining functions
  • System Inspector
  • Duct/Pipe Sizing
  • Cap open ends

 Revit LT_5.png


  • Generate layout

Revit LT_6.png 

  • Design to Fabrication
  • Analytical Connection

 Revit LT_7.png

  • Don’t gif them the ability to create systems

Revit LT_8.png

  • Don’t gif them the ability to edit the circuit after opening a model that was created whit the full version of Revit

Revit LT_9.png 

  • Disable the System Browser
  • Disable MEP Fabrication Parts
  • Disable P&ID Modeler

Revit LT_10.png 

  • Disable the 'connect into' function. They can model the Run by them selfs.
  • Don’t disable the create Duct or Pipe System functions. They have to make different systems and gif them different colors


Many functions that can be disabled to make a Revit LT version for MEP firms.

Autodesk will gif also small MEP firms the possibility to move to BIM.


I hope that in the nearby future Autodesk will treat MEP companies the same as Architect and construction companies and provide them a Revit LT version with MEP functionalities that can be used to model MEP installations.




This applies to small surveying companies too. We don't need super detailed systems, our clients just want us to know where ducts and pipes are and what size. It would be nice to be able to use Revit LT for the simpler functions just to place the parts without the full BIM functionality.

Community Visitor

I second rklempau's recommendation to have MEP systems available in Revit LT.  As an independent consultant, it would be great to move to Revit LT from Autocad LT and expedite the systems layout process.

Community Visitor

Has there been any progress in adding simple MEP to Revit LT?  I work for a small MEP company and the addition of Revit would be great however the cost of full Revit is cost prohibited.  Seems like you are missing a large portion of the market.


Great idea!  As the owner of a small architectural firm the cost of full Revit is prohibitive for me.  However I'd be happy even if I had to pay a small fee to unlock certain features like basic MEP and in program rendering in Revit LT.

Community Visitor

I'm a chartered engineer who does the design and the Autocad drawings. I'm aware that Revit is the future and I need to get using it. However, as it won't be a regular tool then I can't justify the cost of the full Revit. It's a real shame that simple MEP isn't with Revit LT.


I am not very familiar with Revit overall, I am self-teaching myself on Revit LT but I notice that I can't add simple connections to equipment (elect, gas, exhaust, etc.). how am I supposed to coordinate the information with a consultant on Revit LT if I can't add the correct information on the equipment needs?.  I am not asking for systems, only indicate differentiate between an electric dryer vs a gas dryer... 


I’ve just bought Revit LT 2021 for one month and almost regretted it. I should read more carefully about this version... Now I can see that there are only Architecture and Structure in ribbons. Moreover, there are no other useful templates except Metric-Architectural.

Actually, I think there are way too few functions relative to the Revit 2021


Yes I agree the MEP functionality in Revit LT should be extended. I am an architect and found out, that you cannot create and change view visibility graphics of family category "electrical devices". Lighting switches should be in this category and these are part of interior design. This limits usage even for architectural purpose.

Community Visitor

This is one of the best posts ever. There are so many small MEP businesses that would benefit from Revit LT if there was simple MEP functions in LT. In New Zealand the regulatory bodies required isometric plumbing drawings for 3+ storey buildings. How are small plumbing businesses able to comply with this requirement? Revit LT would open this up.

Don't lose this MEP market to competitors.


Amen to all of the above.

I'm an architect, working alone, so full Revit costs too much for me.

Using Revit LT, I have worked my ass off to have an alternative / workaround for plumbing pipes, creating measurable detail item families (line based). 

But indeed: why not provide basic piping functionality in Revit LT? Robert Klempau's suggestion (first post) is an excellent idea.

Community Visitor

By Providing access to Revit LT - MEP, it would allow many small mechanical and electrical design companies to grow faster to the point where they would need to acquire the full Revit version, it would be a win-win for the small firms to allow them to grow faster and once they are medium, they would definitely acquire the full version, and it would be the win part for Autodesk. Thanks, and I hope you guys in Autodesk consider this change soon. 

I couldn't agree more with everything stated above by everyone. As an independent MEP engineer I can't afford full version of Revit so currently I'm using a more affordable software even though is a bit more complicated workflow for me is the one I can afford, however if this is implemented I can definitely see myself cancelling that service and migrating to Autodesk for MEP design.

Community Visitor

Me too. I work mainly within the MEP industry in AutoCAD. However I also work in REVIT LT for architectural drawings but also need to run pipes etc for waste water, sewerage etc. At present, I need to do a 3D pipe layout for an MEP Refrigeration client but can't find options within REVIT LT - so I'll have to draw it in AutoCAD LT. Found this forum when googling "how to insert pipes in REVIT LT". I fully agree with the original post above. Please, AutoDESK, we need a baby MEP ribbon for the small companies!

Community Visitor

Isn't it time that small MEP companies were given the same opportunities as small architectural and structural companies. Not being able to use Revit LT for MEP means that we will never get the experience or feel comfortable paying the massive cost of a full Revit package.  Totally agree that we need a baby MEP ribbon in LT.  Commented to Autodesk on this years ago but no one seems to listen.

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