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Revit API Read FamilyParameter Description

Revit API Read FamilyParameter Description

It is possible to set the description of parameters in a family via 


public void SetDescription(
	FamilyParameter familyParameter,
	string description


However it is not possible to read this data from existing parameters (AFAIK). Please provide a similar function for that.


It seems, it will be better if base Definition class would contain Description property. So we would have an ability to read parameters description both from family and project parameters


@aignatovich you are right, that seems to be a better solution to move the Description property of ExternalDefinition to its superclass Definition to have a consistent behaviour, and be able to read that data even in project environments, not only in family documents.


Two years later and we still don't have this functionality! It is a must if you have a vast amount of families and need to update tooltips to accommodate part changes!

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