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Revit API: Nested PulldownButtons

Revit API: Nested PulldownButtons

Space in the RibbonBar is limited, and there can be only 20 tabs added at all.


RevitAPI.chm says:


UIControlledApplication.CreateRibbonTab Method
"[...] Too many custom tabs have been created in this session. (Maximum is 20). [...]"


What about building menues that have more levels, by nesting PulldowwnButtons into each other?




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It would make life so much easier if they allowed us to nest pulldownbuttons inside pulldownbuttons (like most websites use as well).


(actually this kind of behavior already happens if you have multiple pulldown buttons in a ribbon panel and resize a windowed Revit instance to a very small one; Revit will automatically compress pulldowns inside pulldowns)




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