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"Date" parameter type

"Date" parameter type

It's tough to do any real Facilities Management without having a Date parameter type.
I'm talking about a parameter where you could add 60 days to May 10 and end up with July 9 (if my math is correct)

This would be not just Text, but a parameter that would be (behind the scenes) something like a Julian date.
Currently, we can make Text, Integer, Number, Length, Area, Yes/No, etc. Type of Parameters.

Sure you can create a Text parameter and put anything in there you want, but it's just dumb Text.

For Facilites Management we need to be able to take a parameter and add 9 months to it for things like Lease Expiration, or 2 years for Carpet Replacement, or 60 days for Equipment Maintenance, or specify a Delivery Date forConstruction Sequencing.
The formatting should be part of the output, similar to how you can set your Length to Decimal or Feet & Inches.


I SHOULD THINK THIS PARAMETER TYPE IS CRITICAL TO BIM! Perhaps a Date-time format would be more appropriate, and one should be able to pick a particular instant in time using commonly available calendar controls. 


Date type parameters, where you need so select a date from a calendar, instead of plain text. Then it can be set in the Project Units how the format is. Then all dates in the model will have the same format.


Similar to when you select a date for Sun Settings during a render.



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This would be very helpful for Facility Management


I would like to see a time based parameter so that one of my users can turn off the "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" stamp on our title block for a few hours, but if they try to reprint the drawing the next day, it will by default return to saying "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" as things may have changed on the drawings based on work elsewhere in the project (those parametric changes are a double edged sword) and the drawing needs to be reviewed again before it can be printed. This would provide me with a similar effect to a temporary hide, except that it's a bit more fool proof and doesn't require me going to each and every sheet during setup to copy the "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" tag, it's just part of the sheet boards family.


I just want to elaborate on my earlier post. As collaboration becomes more important to the design world it also seems important that the data we share be universally formatted. For a single organization that sets it's own internal standards the use of a text parameters as a work around for dates may be ok. But when models are shared between organizations this work around seems less workable. I expect that in the near future we will be creating models that our clients will use as ongoing facility management tools. I also expect that using dates in maintenance schedules for equipment and fixtures would be a very good use for that tool, but having dates not really be dates is a problem.

Date parameters will need to understand how many days in a month and a year and it would even know the leap years. I know that is not all that easy.


A time/date parameter where the units in use could be set could also be used for a more flexible fire rating designation.  It would be nice if the same field could read "20 Minutes" for one element and "2 Hours" for another. 




I second that bump. Smiley Happy





Added a date parameter in the parameters Properties.





 Did you add the Date parameter successfully? Or do you hope to see it there?


Just make sure I can choose what the date looks like, preferably in the options and not use the default Windows settings, because for me at least, that is different then what I want on my drawings.


I'm finding it difficult to believe that both Date and Time selections do not exist as a Common discipline Parameter. It is essential for many O&M and Facilities.


Currently need this in my for nested families .rfa:

MANUFACTURE DATE                  Value: (DATE)

INSTALL DATE                               Value: (DATE)

LIFE DURATION                            Value: (YEAR TIME or MONTH TIME)

END OF LIFE                                  Formula: (INSTALL DATE + LIFE DURATION) This could be a positive or negative number.


The idea is to tell client when parts need replaced. Or if they past due for replacement.



It will be great to have the possibility to add "Date" parameter  into a family annotation.

Currently, there are several parameters but "Date" is missing.

I give you an example : the possibility to tag in a fire extinguisher into family object in aim to filter in Revit project the inspection date !

I attach the picture where the type "Date"  could be added.



There's already a post about this:

Please search and upvote existing Ideas before posting.

Hi Oliver, This is an old request and it's a mystery why this has not been solved. I remember this issue being raised almost 15 yrs ago at a conference so we are still entering date values back-wards as text.... Perhaps it's more complex to solve than we realize but it would be great to have. Cheers M


Je vote OUI ! 

Aujourd'hui j'utilise des paramètres nombre entier type AAAAMMJJ pour incrémenter des dates et pouvoir filtrer avec des paramètres égal, supérieur à ou inférieur à mais l'horodatage me parait indispensable pour l'avenir.




Plusieurs demandes restent sans réponse :

 les escaliers pour la structure.

l'étiquette de semelle filante dont l'orientation est soit horizontale soit verticale et ne suit pas l'orientation de la semelle.

Et j'en passe.





Je vote "OUI" 


Ce paramètre date devrait également être ajouté à Revit 2019. Merci. 

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