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QOL improvements for path of travel

QOL improvements for path of travel

While it does it's main function pretty well, I'd be surprised if many architects and PM's are ok with lines running rampant in the drawings. Until waypoints were introduced, I wasn't even able to implement them. Now that we can adjust the path, there are still some annoying things that keep it from full adoption.

- Most times the POTL I've seen is not a solid line. I can change the line style for it just fine, but for some reason all the symbols are outlined by the line style too so when I do use a dash or dot, the arrows and dots have weird outlines....

- When adjusting the POTL, the "shift" key does not force vertical/horizontal alignment. Most of the reason we are moving these lines is for it to look pretty and line up, so not having this feature frustrates people and ends up taking longer then some of the workarounds.

- Typically there is a "common" path of travel, and a "Total" travel distance. This tool doesn't really consider this, which maybe there isn't a good way to, but the fact that you can't change or turn off any of the symbols makes it to where it looks weird if you overlap two travel paths. If the feature allowed for snaping paths together or indicating points where the path is common, that would be ideal, but typically when I've used it i've had to combine 4 lines (2 sets of two) to get travel distances where two parts of a suite exit to a hall and then meticulously align them all so that the dashed lines don't look bad and use giant dots to hide the arrow at the point of choice. 

- Ability to turn off or change symbols of start, end and waypoints.

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I am also looking for a way to change the start, end, and mid point symbol size and graphic style of the path of travel lines!

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