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Proper shadows on plans

Proper shadows on plans

It's possible to show proper shadows on plans through the use of an orthographic camera:


RevitKid_True Solar Study.png


This should be a default option since the existing plan or section shadows are not communicating anything useful and are actually quite misleading. (The house is not actually chopped in two, columns attached to ceilings should not get shadowed in most situations...)


It would also be good to use these plans for presentation with annotations. The existing workaround is not a good long term solution and has it's own limitations.


I hope that this does not get archived. Again. Revit is really missing some vital features that are used by architects and designers.


This would be invaluable in early design to test direct sun exposure in interiors.  Please give us the option to  create views that are true orthographic plans and sections with accurately rendered shadows (i.e. those cast from objects behind the cut plane).



This is something that we are required to do often, we need to produce a street elevation showing the impact of our building on the buildings opposite and this isn't currently possible in an orthogonal view, and while there are a number of posts related to the camera view work-around, I believe that this only works on plan views, and not in elevation, because as soon as you switch to orthogonal you get everything behind the view point back in the view.


This feature would also be very useful for LEED documentation !


It's completely ridiculous that we can't conduct a basic plan view shadow study when there are roofs and full-height walls. I've been using Revit for architecture professionally for over nine years, I've never found the default Revit shadow study in plan view inside buildings to be useful. This is awful. The basic function of the shadows in plan view should not cut at the cut plane - what reason would I ever want the cut plane to affect the sun's shadows in plan view???


In the meantime, thank you sarsenault2CCSS for the work-around!




Office Shadow Study.jpg

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