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Multiple Section Boxes with Invert Function in a View

Multiple Section Boxes with Invert Function in a View

Basically having the ability to have other 3D section boxes inside the initial box.


As Marvi suggested in a comment in another post, if there is a toggle button to invert each of the boxes functions to cut everything that is inside them (like void extrusions), then this can become a very powerful tool in visualisation.


It also helps with modelling big sites that have complex buildings with lots of objects inside them, you can just hide everything inside the building with a "void" box.

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Multiple section boxes in a 3d view with ability to crop out the middle and drag.


Would be nice to be able to use multiple section boxes in a single 3d view.


It would also be nice to be able to crop a 3d view similarly to a typical view.


Could be really cool to be able to make multiple section boxes and work on 3d elements independently within those boxes with the ability to move those boxes around. ( almost like becoming independent viewports )

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