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About the Reinforced Concrete Structures

About the Reinforced Concrete Structures

Currently there is great confusion in the process of construction of the BIM model, specifically when choosing to make a project with a reinforced structure (reinforced concrete) and masonry walls.
The problem comes when in the architectural approach structural columns are used, since these are assimilated from the beginning in multidisciplinary work, but structural columns such as beams can not be added coatings (plasters and other layers) and this is a big problem because they do not fit well with the walls and other architectural elements, bringing problems in the calculations of materials and others related to the drawing itself.

My suggestion would be; able to provide architectural features to structural elements (beams and columns) as coatings and joints to increase adaptability and versatility in the bim model, keeping in mind that this would save many headaches when we came across this problem and could improve in the calculation of materials.

 (3) Revit 2017 Pilar y viga estructural con acabado.jpg


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