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Manage THIS cloud model

Manage THIS cloud model

The Collaborate tab has an entry to manage cloud models. I propose to provide a button that allow to Manage THIS cloud model so users can avoid having to browse through a long list of other projects they could access.


Hi @MichaelWolff

Thanks for submitting an idea. In the latest versions of Revit the Manage Cloud Models dialog has been removed entirely. All of the model management functions have been moved to the home page which should be dramatically more performant.

Does the fact that the home page performs well and has folders rather than a flat list of models solve your problem or do you think it would still make sense to have a button somewhere to jump right to the relevant folder in the home page?




@christopher_bahr Thanks for looking into this despite it having only a few votes. I think up to Revit 2020, the Autodesk C-Cloud had a kind of short cut or project pre-selection before you actually changed over to the ACC screen from your home screen. After that version it was always at least one more click to be done. So yes, I would still propose to have a button to manage the current model.

Also I could not find a way to tell who is currently busy with the model which is what usually makes me fiddle with the manage button in the first place.

These ideas on this forum need not necessarily go into next years version. I would not mind having a button of this kind in R19 (which is currently the lowest version I still have to deal with). I checked the 'new' manager in Revit which is still an unupdated release version I think.

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